Monday, October 15, 2012

Nasi Lemak Burger and more at RS Deli

Time flies and it's the month of October.... Well, the Lions have to say this as they were quite surprised at how fast 2 weeks of blissful sojourn in Languid Laos just whizzed by. Yes, Cute Cute flew Cuchi up to Laos for an adventurous escapade to enjoy the scenery, food and, of course, coffee in the somewhat under-hyped and low key county. More on those adventures later in the upcoming blog posts.

Meanwhile, the Lions were hunting along Thomson Road area for food when they noticed an unfamilar red signage on one of the shophouses... ...RS Deli? "Not your usual hang-out place" was the slogan's purported claim. Interest piqued and stomachs hungry, they went to have a look.

It was a family affair inside the restaurant with
simple furnishings and interior.
Interesting hanging lamp lights with biblical inspirational words
on them.
RS Deli's menu comprises of mainly local food with a  twist to it. Anybody up for chicken satay burger or nasi lemak burger? Prices were kept affordable (most mains under $10) and Cute Cute could see that newly-opened RS Deli was starting to grow a healthy fan base of their own judging from the constant stream of people coming in and the satisfied faces after meals. 

Almost full house on a Saturday night for this new kid on the block.
They have a small retail section selling local snacks too!
The Lions had the fortune of dining with Kermit, Coconut and Ms Tall Accounts. That means one thing: they could sample most of the main courses that are available on the menu!

Bandung Soda
East meets West here. Delightfully sweet rose milk with a gassy kick. Something unique to wash down your spicy food.

Chendol with Jackfruit and Coconut Ice Cream
Trust Cuchi to start her dinner with a dessert... And the verdict? A must-try! Very authentic flavours and the coconut ice cream was heavenly and potent enough to snuff out the hot spices in the food.

Black Coffee
Of course Cute Cute just had to try the coffee when he saw the coffee machine at RS Deli. Very smooth and ordinary but good enough for a food joint like this that doesn't specialise in the liquid black gold. The accompanying Kueh Bangkit biscuit was a quirky touch though.

RS Deli Beef Burger
Ms Tall Accounts had this and, truth be told, she found eponymous beef burger rather ordinary.

Chicken Satay Burger
Coconut had the chicken satay burger but she too found the burger rather ordinary.... Oh dear, could the burgers here be only average?

Beef Rendang Burger
Kermit tried this Peranakan/Indo? influenced burger and his verdict was positive! The rendang sauce was generous and the coleslaw and crisp fries that came along with it (and other burgers) were delightful.

Beef Rendang Set
Cuchi had the beef rendang set. The concept reminded her a little of another restaurant "Wok & Barrel". The beef was tender with a good hint of spiciness. The nasi kunit that came along with it was not fragrant enough and was rather plain but the chilli sauce made up for it. Too bad there wasn't enough chili to go with the rice.  What stood out in this dish was the absolutely addictive homemade potato frites (the brown chips at the top left corner) that was fried together with hae-bee. Yums!

Nasi Lemak Burger
Nasi Lemak Burger?? How is that possible? Well in RS Deli, this deceptively simple creation, artfully put together, was the tour de force. Nasi lemak rice replaced the run-of-the-mill bread bun, and familiar nasi lemak items like otah, boneless chicken and fried egg formed the 'meat patty'. It's a novelty but it's so much fun tucking into it. Oh yes, and the hae-bee flavoured chips come along with it as well.

The Lions did have an enjoyable time. Looks like they will be bringing their furry friends along. For their opening, the restuarant is offering a flat 20% discount off the bill! This is a wonderful excuse for patrons to try more items.

Here is our review for RS Deli:

Food Quality: 7.5 pawprints out of 10
Coffee Quality: 7.0 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 7.0 pawprints out of 10
Specials that you should try: Nasi Lemak Burger, Beef Rendang Burger, Chendol

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

RS Deli
244R Upper Thomson Road, 
Thomson Garden Estate, 
Singapore 574369
Tel: 6455 1242

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