Monday, October 3, 2011

Adventures in Yunnan, China: 1st stop, Kunming 昆明

Finally had our well awaited long trip of the year! After considering a few places, we decided that Yunnan with all her beauty and ancient towns would be our next destination and here we are!

 Roary and Singa enjoying the hotel bed in Kunming

Kunming is a relatively clean city and it's safe but let's cut to the chase and check out the food and beverages part of Kunming.

 For dinner in Kunming, we headed to this restaurant called Hong dou yuan 红豆园,which is near the Yunnan University.

Flower Fish (A deep fried fish with sweet and hot sauce)
Cold golden mushroom salad
Steamed wine chicken
All in all the damage for the meal there was 100 RMB. (roughly about $20 Sing). Naturally we could not finish the food even with the lions help. And of course we had to check out the night life and drinks culture of the Kunmingese. Stumbled upon rows of pubs near to our restaurant and we headed into one of them. Beers were the norm there but they do have beers that we do not have here. Chill Carlsberg and Budweiser lime.... 
Singa wanting a taste of the budweiser lime

A cocktail and Carlsberg Chill
Beers and alcoholic drinks are cheap here. Interior of the pub is chill and chic. Surprisingly there are not so many customers and I wonder how much is their rent. Had a few more drinks and we head back to the hotel to sleep before we set off to our next destination 大理.

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