Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ancient horse tea route 茶马古道with a touch of coffee

Since we are in Lijiang, Yunnan, we had the opportunity to taste one of their better coffee places. Coffee beans from this particular cafe are grown in an isolated part of Yunnan and the beans are boutique in a sense. The coffee is good but not fantastic. Will give it a 7.5 out of 10 since the price of the coffee beans are horrendously expensive.
Coffee and the coaster is actually a cloth lily pad

Coffee beans and grounded coffee
After all that caffeine, we had to walk them all off. So we went to another village called Shuhe before we embarked on an outdoor experience at Lashi sea. 拉市海. Horse riding for an hour and one and a half hour of boat ride in the lake were some of the things that we have done. The horse ride was a challenge as the slopes were quite steep and you have to steer your own horse. The boat ride was comfortable though until it started raining. All in all the experience is great as you can feel the country away from Lijiang.
Shuhe Village

View of Lashi Hai from the mountain which my horse brought me to

Divine view of Lashi Lake with a glimpse of sunlight coming down

Rain coming our way!

Our Star cruise
Rest joint in the lake

Pitter Patter Raindrop 
After all that excitement, we headed back to Lijiang for dinner. Dinner again was the simple yet tasty soya noodles and Naxi fried rice. But this time, we added their own brew wine to our beverages. Wonderfully made and smooth, it is a fine wine and they are quite generous about the wine too!
A glass of homemade wine and plum juice

Naxi fried rice
Kitten on the roof top
As we spend our last day in Lijiang, we went around checking out more cafes and we stumbled upon this chill cafe name Freshnam Cafe. The live band playing jazz music is fantastic, the drinks are worth drinking and the resident kitty is friendly.
Roary and Singa having a last glance at Lijiang

Doggies of Time Garden saying goodbye to us

Jazz band at Freshnam Cafe

Waitress Kitty

Lions enjoying the music, drinks and tiramisu at Freshnam

Freshnam (middle) performing

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