Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's a long way up to Shangri-la 香格里拉(Zhong Dian 中甸)

Managed to find a tour agency that brings us up to Shangrila and at the same time, pops by several tour destinations. Our first stop is 长江第一湾 the first bend of the YangTze River. Traveled one and a half hours just to have a view of that plus some photos with a totally white yak. Our 2nd destination was a lot more interesting. Unfortunately we did not bring our camera along as the journey down and up the Tiger Leaping Gorge was rather treacherous. You may have to be on fours on some areas. The view at Tiger Leaping Gorge was spectacular though. No words can describe it. It's really beautiful. Hearing the waters crashing through the gorge and watching them is a sight to behold.
First Bend of Yang Tze River

Some of the view from the van
After a exhausting 3 hours at Tiger Leaping Gorge, we reach our final destination which is Baishuitai 白水台and it is also our stop for the night before we head up to Shangrila. The birth place of the Naxi minority tribe, it possess a sleepy feel plus it has an attraction there as well. Their limestone water feature (also called Baishuitai) is unique and very tranquil.

Our treacherous pathway to Baishuitai


The water that runs down from the mountains is very clear

The limestone feature of Baishuitai
Then we were shown our hotel at Baishuitai..... it's a log cabin and it is hardcore! Cuchi almost fainted at the sight of the place. Note that hot water is scarce there plus only 2 light bulbs are working. And when it is night, it is pitch black.
The 2 only working bulbs

Living room

Cuchi had a tough time accustoming to this 'hotel' but I find it alright. In fact, I kinda of like it as it has character. =) Our dinner was at the hotel 'lobby' or common area. Dinner was cooked by the owner and we had our taste of their mooncakes. Everything there taste organic and home made. A nice change from the food we had been eating even in Singapore.
Mooncakes for my moonface

Our Naxi guide eating sunflower seeds

Our dinner with other members of our tour group

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