Saturday, April 7, 2012

Farmers' Market at The Pantry, Loewen Gardens

Held every first Saturday of the month, Farmers' Market at The Pantry at Loewen Gardens is an affair not to be missed. With its carnival-like air and wonderful array of stalls selling fresh produce, gourmet meats, wines, pastries and imported food items like olive oils, tapenades, pestos, etc, it provides a delightfully casual and alfresco setting to catch up with friends and family over brunch.

Old army barracks in Dempsey area
I spy a sticker on the wall giving away a secret party happening somewhere ...
Chilling out under the tentage
Facade of The Pantry at Loewen Gardens
Situated in the verdant forested greens of the laid-back Dempsey area, more specifically beside White Lodge pre-school, The Pantry is originally a destination cafe with a tempting line-up of sweet treats like divine cupcakes, freshly baked scones and a selection of home-made cakes. The breakfast menu during the Farmers' Market event include popular items like eggs benedict, pancakes, sausages and fruit salads.

Glorious food at The Pantry
Sweet Treats at The Pantry
Hi mate, come, try my fresh organic produce
Sampling the gourmet food items
Woof! I'm here for the food as well!
Grandma and her lovely bakes
Paella cooked a la minute from Bilbao Spanish Restaurant
Generous helping of seafood and chorizo
Serendipity at work! Cute Cute and Cuchi bumped into a familiar face selling her freshly baked New York bagels. It's Jennifer sans her husband James whom they met at the Smoked Out event at Sarnies. What a coincidence! Grabbing the fragrant and savoury onion bagels, Cute Cute and Cuchi headed to a quiet corner to enjoy their their cupcake, bagel and coffee while indulging in a vicarious sport of people-watching.

Quiet corner to people-watch!

Enjoying the green view
Jennifer selling her home-made New York bagels
Chewy onion bagels. Authentic,
unlike those fake ones found in chain cafes.

Jennifer's bagels were so damn good, the lions grabbed two more to go! They were planning to spread the most delicious home-made pesto sauce bought at the Farmers' Market on them. Mmmmmm......

Mark your calendars and head for:

The Pantry
75 Loewen Road
Singapore 248844

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