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Savouring the world!! - A review of Savour 2012

A first in Singapore, Savour 2012 was an event that showcased a number of Michelin star restaurants and their fine cuisine. Boasting some of the world's top restaurants, Savour 2012 also had a number of up and coming eateries and food suppliers. Cute Cute and Cuchi stumbled upon this event when they first had their coffee at Sarnies. Apparently Sarnies was participating in Savour 2012 and had brochures publicising it. Adventurous as they are, the Lions were curious and signed up for it with a bunch of like-minded gourmands.

Hawt Hawt Hawt.... Let's find some shade!
Central Restaurante, Peruvian cuisine
Gearing up for a feast, the Lions headed down to Singapore's F1 Paddock and Pit Building. With them came some friends as well, food connoisseurs in their own right... Mr Business Time, Mr Husky, etc. Being a keen strategist, Mr Business Times suggested that with the amount of Savour $$ that they had, they should all split up to get food from various booths and come back for a taste test. The lions volunteered to queue for the Peruvian cuisine of Central Restaurante.

Bay Scallop Tiradito (left) and Cacao, Corn and Chilli dessert - Central Restaurant (Peru)
Grouper and Clam Seco (below) - Central Restaurant (Peru), Tiramsu (above) - Garibaldi (Singapore Italian)
Once the refined portions of food were placed on the table for all, the lions did their taste test.... 

Central Restaurante (Peru) - 3 items
The Bay Scallop Tiradito was good.The freshness of the scallop was evident and was balanced by the sweet potato cream. A hint of tangy citrus note was also observed. Grouper and clam seco, however was not memorable. The Cacao, Corn and Chilli was quite an eye opener though. The chocolate mousse with rocota pepper oil was very unique. Although the mousse was 64% Peruvian chocolate, the chocolate was not overwhelmingly heavy and the pepper oil was a good complement. The Corn biscuit (?) had a texture like a hundred layer cake.
Homemade Fettuccine (above) - Garibaldi (Singapore, Italian), Fragrant Steamed Yellow Pumpkin Rice (Below) - Forest (Singapore)
Garibaldi (Italian) - 2 items
Garibaldi's Homemade Fettuccine with challans duck ragout was surprisingly good given the very simple name and looks of it. The Tiramisu was very normal though.... well either it was normal or all of us including lion's friends were pampered by Chef Me's Tiramisu. 

Forest (Singapore) - 1 item
Headed by Chef Sam Leong of Singapore, Forest is a new kid on the block in the Singapore food scene. Only managed to grab one item which was the Fragrant Steamed Pumpkin Rice from Forest but boy were the lions impressed. The presentation was good and taste wise, divine. Foie Gras topped the pumpkin rice, and it was caramelised to perfection.
Potato and Malt (left), Cod 2.0 for all your senses (right) - Chez Dominque (Finland),
Chaud Froid of Egg - L'Árpege (France)
Chez Dominque (Finland) - 2 items
Cod 2.0  sounded like a very complex dish but disappointed .... The cod although fresh, failed to leave a memorable impression on the lions and their friends. However, the dessert, Potato and Malt, was quite a treat. The lions didn't know that potato ice cream could taste so good with malt. Tasted really like a very smooth milo ice cream.

LÁrpege (France) - 1 item
The much acclaimed dish of LÁrpege, the Chaud Froid of Egg, was very unique, one of the darlings of Chef Alain Passard. This dish had mixed reviews. Cute Cute do not really like it as it tasted like a sour egg yogurt but Cuchi loved it as she loved the smoothness and the soft sourness of the eggs.

Hua Ting (Singapore) - 1 item
One dish that the lions forgot to take a picture of was Hua Ting's Salted baked chicken drumstick. It was another forgettable dish.... tasted like a normal herbal chicken that everybody was familiar with.

Second floor views of the ground floor of Savour 2012
Well that was not all of Savour 2012, in fact, that was just one part of it. There was wine tasting which Lions and friends enjoyed thoroughly. In addition, 3sixty supermarket showcased various food items as well. Cute Cute just loved the Beemster cheeses.

Wine tasting area
Beemster cheese
Of course, the lions and friends went on to explore the various booths that were located at the 2nd and 3rd floor and were amazed by the number of stalls that participated in Savour 2012. 

Time flies when you are having fun and it was all so true for lions and their friends. By the time, they finished everything, 4 hours had past. It was a wonderful experience and the lions would definitely be back for Savour 2013.

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