Saturday, August 11, 2012

Atmospheric Cuppa by the tracks at The U Cafe

One Friday evening, Cute Cute decided to relent to the insistent persuasion of Cuchi who kept going on about some art exhibition at the old Tanjong Pagar Railway. Being a proud philistine when it comes to artistic matters or anything related to such stuff, Cute Cute nodded weakly but brightened up at the prospect of visiting a temporary pop-up cafe at the venue.

It was raining Cats and Lions when they reached the heritage site of the old railway station. The grand dame looked pretty forbolding against the stormy night sky just like a scene out of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. They quickly took cover inside the beautifully restored railway station (pity the lack of pictures due to wet weather!)

The 2Cs took a tour of the much-hyped Hermes The Gift of Time exhibition. This was the only thing that Cute Cute found interesting on top of a cat sihouette made of leather pieces:

Horror of Horrors: A Sexist Statement
Then it was time to head for the Pop-Up U Cafe by The Plain:

Atmospheric mood by the tracks created by
the poetic fall of mellow rain and an overcast sky.

Cute Cute heads for caffeine salvation.

Hardworking servers behind the pretty impressive
temporary pop-up cafe by the folks from The Plain.
Wow they even serve food here :)

Sitting in a modern capsule-like booth
painted in Hermes signature bright orange.

This futuristic set-up would not look out of place
in an art museum. Bravo to the folks at Hermes for
conceptualising the whole event.

Cuchi thinks this has gotta be one of her most romantic
moments with Cute Cute. And it ain't in some
fancy restaurant.

Sipping on a bottle of Yuzu soda and savouring an
outstanding blend of coffee, mint and chocolate
christened 'Wicked'.   

Food Glorious Food.
More grub to grab after the art exhibition.
Cute Cute and Cuchi ordered a well-marinated piece of
Lamb Cutlet done to perfection by U Cafe.

The U Cafe features a one-off menu crafted by the folks from The Plain and runs in conjunction with Hermes The Gift of Time exhibition at Tanjong Pagar Railway station from 1st to 12th August 2012.

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