Monday, August 6, 2012

Perfect English Afternoon Tea at Carpenter and Cook

Time seems to be at a standstill here at Carpenter and Cook as you sip your perfectly dainty porcelain cup of English tea. You might even be forgiven for imagining the White Rabbit dashing out from an obscure corner of this eclectic shop with her charming collection of vintage furniture and knick-knacks like old clocks, medicine cabinets, telephones and radios.

Resembling a scene taken out of Alice and Wonderland, this artisan bakery and homeware shop with her specially curated furniture (yes, you may recreate the decor back home) has got to be one of the most visually-arresting cafes on the island.

Smurfy Junior had a field day exploring every nook and cranny:

Unfortunately, due to her current popularity, the place was overrun with (rather boisterous) people and given the limited seating, you had to play a game of musical chairs with other equally enthusiastic patrons to secure that coveted seat.

Kinda out of place table number mug that smirks:
Don't I look more uniquely local than
stiff upper lip Brit?
A rather weirdly disturbing but strangely comical
baby portrait on a sugar spoon.
 One of the best tasting scones on the island sits on lovely
blue-and-white china.
Accompanying home-made passionfruit jam
and clotted cream.
Absolutely delish Ham and Cheese Quiche
with a nicely-browned crust

Going all googly-eyed over the Brit-inspired
confectionary. Gunning to try the rest of the sandwiches, teacakes,
muffins and brioches on the next hopefully quieter visit.
Does this not reek of hipster or what? Hohoho.....
Classic Elektra Barlume espresso machine gives justice to beans sourced from
local roasters. Or does it not?
The resulting coffee was disappointingly weak and
watery. But the humble cookie beside it was impressively
fragrant with nuts and edible flowers(?). Would have grabbed
an entire jar if they were selling it. 

Grab those dwindling sweet treats before they're gone!

Smurfy Junior clowning around and
musing about his weight after the pastry feast.

Smurfy's verdict after the visit: Overall excellent bakes. Be prepared to pay for the quirky ambience as prices are a little steep and the serving portion of food rather small. Coffee needs improvement, a pity, given that the vintage espresso machine was a rare visual treat eliciting admiring gasps. And oh boy, the hordes of people descending on the place on weekends make Smurfy Junior want to run for cover. Oh well, you can't have your cake and eat it too, right?

For those brave enough to beat the crowd, here's the address:

Carpenter and Cook
19 Lorong Kilat
(stretch of road opp. Beauty World Centre)

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