Saturday, August 18, 2012

Reclusive hideout at Nassim Hill

Nassim Hill, a place that is not synonymous for any good food joints there. However, using their sensitive noses, the lions managed to sniff out something at Nassim Hill while exploring that area.... Hmm it must be the smell of bread that led them there....

Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar is a hidden place on the outskirts of Orchard Road and one might just drive pass it without even giving it a second glance. Situated and hiding behind the Swiss butchery and post office, Nassim Hill BBB is a cosy place to watch time fly by.

Once the lions stepped in, they were greeted by rows of bread and a white marble counter. The whole place looked very posh but was decidedly casual and the servers were warm and friendly. The cafe was also very spacious and the high ceiling gave it a bright and inviting feel. Cute Cute read the menu and decided to have a little tickle of alcohol.... Nassim Hill has a unique beer on tap, Grimbergen.

Grimbergen Ambree Beer
This beer made both Cute Cute and Cuchi smile.... a good beer that even both genders will enjoy. Enough said.

Of course next up would be food! As the lions ate something before exploring (bad choice), they decided to have a bowl of soup and a sandwich. Scanning the menu, they ordered the Reuben Sandwich and a bowl of pumpkin soup. While waiting for their orders, Cuchi noticed that the staff wore shirts with different designations on their backs.....
The status on Monk, Abbot were on the back of the staff.... Monk for a lady???
Reuben Sandwich
One of the items that was recommended by the staff. The reuben sandwich, although a bit more expensive than other joints, made up for its generous portion, big enough for two. Well worth the price. The beer bread, that Nassim baked themselves, complements the corned beef. The corned beef is unlike those you buy off the shelf - it comes in fresh chunky pieces. The dressing inside the sandwich also gave it a creamy sweet and sour kick.

Pumpkin Soup
This was the soup of the day. Don't let the size of the bowl fool you, it's actually quite a large portion. The surprising part was that instead of a piece of bread, a piece of biscotti was given! The soup was naturally sweet and wholesome and the little surprise (biscotti) was more like a little dessert after your appetiser.

The sandwich and the congenial service of Nassim Hill BBB really made the lions long to try the place again for more of their bakes and entrees. In addition, the hidden place in the heart of the city area also makes it a good spot to catch up with friends. Ambience is wonderful.

Here is our review for Nassim Hill Bakery Bar Bistro
Food quality: 8.0 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 8.5 pawprints out of 10

Specials that you should try: Draft Grimbergen, Reuben Sandwich, Beer Bread

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

Nassim Hill
56 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247964

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