Friday, March 14, 2014

Savour 2014

Some snapshots from Savour 2014. This time, instead of being on the fast tracks of the F1 pit, Savour 2014 was housed at The Promontory amongst the scenic skyscrapers of Marina Bay. The Lions were joined by Ms Bombadier and her husband as they braved the scorching heat.

The Marina Bay Financial Centre.
The tents of Savour 2014 being dwarfed by skyscrapers.
The entrance of Savour 2014 looked normal enough until the Lions were greeted
by a spit! Something to whet your appetite before you enter the event space.
Poor yummilicious baby cow.
The official sparkling water of the event gave away
much welcomed complimentary cups to combat the heat.
No F1 tracks this year, only carpet grass.
Common ground? Great food and the view of MBS in the background.
Seats and tables only for the brave in the afternoon.
The lions took refuge under one of the shaded benches.
In total, they had 120 Savour dollars to burn.
The gang started with local boy Mikuni's Kanpachi Truffle Soy.
Beautifully executed, the Kanpachi sashimi paired well with the
truffle soy dressing in a decorative tin can.
Next up, Ms Bomba went to Chef Michael Caines' Gidleigh Park
booth (2 Michelin Stars, UK) and got the Braised Beef Cheek with Potato
and Horseradish Potato Puree, Shallots Confit, Roasted Shallots
 and Red Wine Sauce. And having a sweet tooth, she could not pass up on
the refreshing dessert of Apple Mousse topped with green apple jelly,
green apple sorbet and vanilla form.
The lion managed to catch the Chef in Black in action!
The good-natured and good-looking Chef Emmanuel Stroobant was kind enough
to pose for a picture.
Chef Stroobant's creation under his latest project - Blue Lotus -
a Chinese restaurant with his signature flair.
The Slow Roasted Organic Lamb Short Ribs crusted with 5 spices
tasted strangely Indian (isn't this supposed to be Chinese, Chef?).
Miss Bomba loved that it retained a hint of the lamb's gaminess.
Chef Christophe Paucod from Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais
(1 Michelin Star, Japan) showcased a down-to-earth but seriously addictive
Whipped Fresh Cheese dish with chives, garlic and parsley.
Slices of baguette were provided to mop up the light and
fragrant cheese.
La Cantine's Trio of Tartare with Vintage Original Sturia Caviar
was a surprising let-down with rather pedestrian flavours:
Marinated Veal in a tuna sauce; Norwegian Salmon with lime sauce;
Garden Vegetables with hot and cold smoked sturgeon.
The gregarious Chef Bruno Menard - the only 3 Michelin Star
chef to be permanently based in the Lion City according to the
brochure - was seen mingling among the crowd and making merry
with his tambourine.
Ms Bomba's husband soon protested about the petite portions
and got himself &Sons's hearty Crab & Nduja Linguine.
Ms Bomba's cooler of Nitrorita virgin, a version of squashed lime margarita,
from Blue Lotus.
Here's an idea of how the beverage's made.
Instead of showcasing a variety of artisanal products from specialty stores
around the island, the lions were a little disappointed to find Jasons single-handedly
dominating the event venue this year. They love Jasons but decry the absence of 
smaller retailers who banded together to make their presence felt the previous years.
Savour also felt more compact this year (but in a good way) with its air-conditioned
mattress-like tentage.
Ms Bomba's oyster shooters.
Freshly shucked Pacific and Normandy oysters.
The sauces came in cute pipettes :)
Delicious and succulent probiotic pork from Jasons.
After 3 hours of savouring, the lions parted ways with Ms Bomba and her hubbie
and journeyed on to their next destination - Cafe Asia 2014.
Dayung Sampan the local way.
No gondolas with singing maetros at Singapore's MBS.
 Below are some snapshots of Cafe Asia 2014 through the eyes of the lions.

The eventful day kicked off with food and ended with coffee. The only disappointment was the lack of independent stalls at Savour 2014. 

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