Friday, March 14, 2014

The Dream Cafe

Dreams are nothing more than wishes and a wish's just a dream, wish to come true... ... ok enough of Harry Nilsson for now... ... The lions were none too impressed with The Dream Cafe; still, it was a rather cosy nook and if you happen to be a student, you get a discount. Yup, we can all guess their target clientele now being located so near a branded all-girls school. And being just down the road from Creamier, we can't help but wonder... ... The pie's certainly big enough in a mature neighbourhood like Toa Payoh. 

Embarrassing fact #1: The lion was attracted by the beckoning cat sign
as he drove past this cafe under a block of flats.
Get a sugar rush here with their all-dessert menu.
Why are you so generous with Wifi?
Cakes for the school crowd; hope their pockets' deep.
The price is equivalent to two-weeks' worth of pocket money back in the eighties.

Chocolate, Cheese and Strawberry to choose from.
I would be as happy as a lark twenty odd years ago with options like these.
Ice-cream. Don't be so fussy lah, they're not made in-house
but from an unknown supplier.
Love the window seating.
A semi-romantic, monochromatic backdrop. Kids, do your homework and let
erm uncle know which city this skyline belongs to.
Dissecting the molten lava cake... ...
Gotcha! It's not chocolate, it's matcha oooozing out.
This unique dessert's not too bad!
No comment for the coffee. But the boy in the window
seem eager to drink it.
At this price point (was it $3?), this waffle is worth
trying without the ice-cream.

The Dream Cafe
Blk 163 Toa Payoh Lorong 1
Singapore 310163