Thursday, March 6, 2014

Unearthing 'Nong' by Edible Gardens

Nong by Edible Gardens is a pop up concept by the good people behind our island's many urban farming initiatives. This time round, the forward-thinking landlord of People's Park Complex carpark has given them use of the 60,000 sq ft  rooftop carpark space on the 6th floor. Pretty huge area for a land-starved island. The ultimate goal is to develop a full-fledged farm where f&b businesses would be able to include ethically grown herbs and veggies in their dishes. This is an encouraging step towards self-sustainability and food sovereignty in a country that imports 95% of her food. Plus imported greens may arrive deplete of nutrients and full of carcinogenic chemicals. Nothing beats freshly harvested greens grown in an organic and au naturel manner.

Till 31 March, there will be a series of weekly exhibitions, workshops and events taking place here. You can also find locally made products like crafts, knick knacks and other retail items by Naiise and Haystakt. Shop also for your own gardening tools and supplies for your mini urban farm back home. And grab the opportunity to get some ground advice from friendly urban farmers on which herbs grow best in this climate or even how to start your own compost fertiliser.

Finding the right lift lobby to head up to the rooftop urban farm is a little
tricky. But you stumble upon old school relics like these postboxes around
the heritage district of Chinatown.

After getting directions from a smiley guard,
the lions headed up via the dingy lift.
You can capture a piece of Chinatown's skyline from up here.
Juxtaposition of the old and new, the tall and short, the vibrant
and erm clinical... ...
Walk along the concrete corridor to... ...
the front of Haystakt's retail showcase but the door's locked.
We head to the side with a lovely skyline view of old HDB flats.
How does your garden grow? In wooden boxes or ... ...
or humble nurseries like these ... ...
The lion does not have a green thumb but maybe it's time to learn... ...
Retail Section of Naiise.
This little sitting area by the window's so pretty and inviting.
We don't mind having a sublime pot of Chinese tea by moonlight here.
Grab a locally designed item here. The lioness got an adorable Mee tote bag
by designer and food writer, Shu Han Lee.
'Nong' means to farm in Chinese.
This workshop area is so rustically beautiful with wooden crates as seats
and hanging nets holding haphazardly placed leaves.
Is that gan ze aka sugar cane after it has gone through
the press? now compost?
Some form of aquaculture going on here.
Fishes' poo poo gets channelled as fertiliser.
    Do you know? Completed in 1970, People's Park Complex
was the largest shopping complex in the commercial belt
along Eu Tong Sen street and North Bridge Road.
The complex was the first shopping centre of its kind in
Southeast Asia which thereafter set the retail development
pattern in Singapore. Get tidbits of info like these at the
mini exhibit at Haystakt's section.
Flying our colours and championing the cause of
urban farming in unique landscapes.
Grab the chance of getting your hands dirty
helping out with a little sport of planting.
But that doesn't make you the Head Gardener!
You gotta be pretty nifty around tools like these.
After their time at Nong, the lions checked out their favourite bak kwa place
and were not surprised to see it devoid of the scary CNY snaking queue.
Post CNY treat, anyone?
Chinatown ushers in the Year of the Horse in surprisingly less tacky decor
this year. Loving the fluid sense of motion of these ponies.

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