Saturday, August 1, 2015

Giant Burritos at Belmonte Latin Foods

In these days of homogenous hypermarts, those rare mom-and-pop retailers are such a charm on the island. The lions have been regular tabao-ers of the crisp corn chips and homemade salsa at Belmonte Latin Foods during those days when they just wanna snuggle up in the coach catching up on late-night TV with baby cub sleeping in the next room. 

A purveyor of all things Latin American and purportedly a Mexican food specialist with cupboards and fridges stocked with freshly made tortillas, chiles, salsas, tamales, enchiladas, jalapenos, guacamole or any other condiment you can think of, this tiny shop is a treasure trove of stuff you probably can't find anywhere else in the Lion City. Patrons are mostly regulars including condo dwellers in the vicinity.  

The lions can't vouch for the authenticity of the burrito (truly Mexican?) but some consider having rice in a Mexican burrito a travesty. It was a humongous burrito ($15) that had to be halved and shared between the two cats. Very yummy burrito with moist beef and nicely marinated al dente rice. Hmmm... ...they might want to go easy on the portions though and reduce the price for a more friendly neighbourhood range.

The two cats craved coffee but decided to doggy bag a Tres Leches Cake ($5?) to go along with it. At The Tiny Roaster's new locale at Sunset Way, they ordered a reliable Cold White Brew and dug into the Tres Leches Cake (kinda not allowed but they did it discreetly). The Tres Leches Cake was a straightforward rendition of a sponge cake soaked in three types of milk. A sweet end to their date night without the kiddo in tow.

They also walked past a Chinese restaurant at Sunset Way that was touting the benefits of its "Flaming Chicken": an ingenious closed system of cooking whereby charcoal smokes a whole chicken on an upright spit and the resulting juices flow into a steamboat of soup also warmed by the heat from the charcoal. One wait staff was eager to demonstrate the process, here it is:

Belmonte Latin Foods
5 Ridgewood Close
#G5 Ridgewood Condo Retail Wing
Singapore 276696

The Tiny Roaster 
(Sunset Way)
106 Clementi Street 12
Singapore 120106

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