Sunday, August 23, 2015

Quinoa Goreng at Red Baron @Gillman Barracks

Nothing prim, stilted nor regal here... ...the lions love the laidback, easy vibe at this little joint in the middle of almost nowhere (near mrt now lah)... ...will be back for their in-house bakes and coffee... ...
Oh and they're not affiliated to Artistry even though you might see a familiar face around... ...

Little cub lepark like a boss on rattan chair.
Red baron supposedly refers to the indigenous lalang in
the area .
Stand alone glass and brick structure.
Love the alfresco area facing a little garden patch but too humid in the
afternoons. Saturday afternoons are a little quiet for now, nice... ...
Look daddy, i don't need the gym to grow those muscles.. ..
Taking in the refreshing greenery and admiring the little edible garden patch.
The signature quinoa goreng ($16) inspired by the local dish,
nasi goreng, hits the right spot with a good dose of heat.
Comes with pieces of crunchy prawns and chicken, topped
with a cheerfully runny sunny side up. The lion washed this
down with a pint of hoppy Proper Job ($15) from the tap.
Beefy Ploughman ($14) comes with generous
slabs of striploin accompanied by caramalised onions and
melted cheese.

Another night without the cub saw the two cats chilling at Nekkid @Gillman Barracks (space formerly occupied by The Naked Finn) before a gathering... ...

Rattan chairs - the "in" choice of furniture right now
Premium ingredients like tiger prawns and
sakura ebi make up the homemade keropok ($5) that
have undergone drying for a week. The lioness' granny used
to make keropok at home and she can attest that they are
lip-smacking great here. Not so enamoured by the smoked
duck with pear sauce ($10) though.
Grilled baby squids ($8). Finger seafood bites are generally
good at this sister watering hole to The Naked Finn that has
since moved to a bigger and prettier space.
Damn, they ran out of the "orh jien" ($6) made out of squid
innards that day.
Air-fried winglets ($7) didn't sound so enticing till the staff
waxed lyrical about the dish and yeap, this has gotta be
one of the most tasty renditions they've tried. Enuff of
kfc (korean fried chicken) already, the winglets here
are marinated in a medley of local spices.
Deep fried batang fish roe served with sambal ($10),
another interesting bar snack. The sauces that accompany
the bites at Nekkid are also scene-stealers in their own

Red Baron
45 Malan Road
Singapore 109455

41 Malan Road
Singapore 109454

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