Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Singapore Butter Latte @7Kickstart

The lions had a pretty laidback SG50 holiday. They had wanted to join in the picnic at Marina South Pier watching the Black Knights in action but the little cub was still fearful of loud noises and logistically, it was rather tricky with the kiddo in tow. They also sought to avoid the mayhem at most of the free attractions during the long jubilee break. The National Museum and the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) didn't seem so daunting though, so off they went.

But the most important meal of the day beckoned, of course. The lions decided to hit themselves with an ang moh-fied version of kopi gu you (coffee with melted butter). Nothing like downing 5oz of patriotism early in the morning. The traditional cup of kopi gu you might take you back to the prewar days of our forefathers on the island where scarcity demanded a little creative cheat code. Hence, the extra dose of energy in a slick stick of butter.

The barista at 7Kickstart promised the lions that it would be a creamy, comforting concoction but hmmm... ...the Singapore Butter Latte was a little of a letdown, other than an oily mouth feel (duh), they could not detect the hint of "salted", "toffee" nor "caramel" notes that some writers have mentioned in their bittersweet eulogies to the dying traditional cup. The Caffe Milo was also more like a latte dinosaur.  Milo was not blended into the drink but sat rather aloof over the latte. Maybe the lions caught the cafe on an "off" day. The bites were also a hit and miss affair.

Caffe Milo
Singapore Butter Latte
Chicken Satay Quesadillas ($12.90)
Breakfast Burger ($12.90)
Other interesting coffee-based creations by 7Kickstart. Yikes Hipster-Meister
marries redbull with coffee. Wah lau, can die!
Meow! The lion spotted this interesting kapok voucher.

At the Singapore Art Museum (SAM):

Activities include mask making and polariod picture
taking (above) with props.
Baby loved the mirrors at the After Utopia exhibit but was
freaked out by artist Chen Shaomin's installation of lifelike
figures of dead communist leaders in glass coffins. Ok
we know, not age appropriate lol... ...
What remains of former National Library outside... ...

National Museum:

An absolutely must-visit exhibit is "Singapura:700 years", bringing visitors through the riveting history of Singapore. The highlight there has to be the Singapore Stone on display; it's like our very own Rosetta Stone with inscriptions dating back from the 13th century. Cool national treasure.

In case you didn't know that the Lion City was a misnomer.
Love the prose.
Can you remember this? Yup another of the lions' favourite relic at the
Singapura: 700 years exhibit tee hee... ...
Another exhibit worth your time... ...eg. did you know that
Van Houten chocolates used to be made in the Lion City?
Some fun outside the museum.

Winding down the day at Curious Palette cafe by the folks behind Strangers' Reunion:

Interior scores but the damage was $27 dollars for two cuppas and a mushroom
soup, yikes, so ex... ...

71 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189555

Curious Palette
64 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188667

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