Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hanging out with your chums at Chums

Cute Cute was bringing Cuchi to a nice romantic place to chill when he spotted this little joint along Bukit Timah road... Hmm... Lion thought that he could check out this place call Chums after his little dinner with Cuchi... Little does he know that he would be having the better part of his day in Chums, A place like home, and many more dining experiences in the future.

On the Lions first visit, they went sniffing around and were introduced to a few of the specialties that Chums are famous for. Since it was their first visit for lunch, the lions were more curious about their lunch menu and something not too filling. The atmosphere in Chums was very welcoming and warm. Chef David and restaurant manager Richard will make you feel so at home with their personable character.

Eggs Benedict
A fairly simple dish to prepare, the eggs benedict is actually a common item on most brunch menus.  But Cuchi was surprised by the quality of the Eggs Benedict at Chums! Very nicely done, the eggs were of great texture and taste. What caught Cuchi's attention was the hollandaise sauce which was not to overwheming but complimented the eggs just right. The bread that came along with the eggs were another great item. Crispy with the crust not soggy despite the sauce, the bread was a tasty delight for both lions.
Spicy Prawn Pasta
This is another wonderful dish done by Chef David. The spicy prawn pasta was so flavorful and tasty. The prawn portion was generous and fresh and the odd combination of broccoli did not even mar the taste of the pasta. Chef David came along to tell the lions about the ingredients used for this dish. Surprising it was not a lot of ingredients used which surprised the lions about how the combination of these ingredients that made this dish so tasty.  

Coffees: Long Black, Latte and Mocha
One word for the coffee: Good! The lions came back another time to try Chum's coffee and it was good for a restaurant standard. In fact the coffee quality is very close to a boutique coffee joint. This was credited to Chef David's exposure to the Australian coffee culture. The cake that Cuchi tried was the Hazelnut Chocolate cake. Not too sweet and with a soft texture, the cake tasted just like a home made old school cake.... You should watch Richard as he skilfully added the jam finishing touch to this cake.

Again the lions went back one more time for dinner!!
Mushroom soup
Creamy and filled with tonnes of mushroom, the bread company which comes along with it, was also toasted slightly to give it a crunchy feel.
Now Cute Cute had a hard time pronouncing this word but anyways, the Bouillabaisse is a fresh seafood stew that comes with toast. One of Chum's specialty, the Bouillabaisse has a rich stock which goes very well with the fresh seafood. Various kinds of fish can be found inside the stew along side with mussels and prawns. A good dish for sharing and a must try!

Pork Knuckles
The Pork Knuckle, a star of Chums. Roasted to perfection, really crispy on the outside but so moist and juicy in the inside. Big enough to share for 4 people. Enough said, you have to try it!
Bread Pudding
A complimentary dessert in Chums, this bread pudding is slightly different from its counterparts as a thick layer of sugar is caramelised on top to give it a creme brulee feel. 
Chums is really a class of its own. Good food, friendly staff and a nice cosy homely ambience make the lions feel so at home with home cooked food. Looks like the lions will be back for more!

*Updated post!!!! - The Truffle Dinner

Cute Cute and Cuchi returned for a second round of feasting with Mr Business Times and friends. This time, Cute Cute managed to dig out a humble little black truffle from home and Chef David decided to make a special line-up using the truffle for Lions and their friends.

Egg special from Chef David
The lions do not have a name for this dish as this is a special created by Chef David. Something like a masterful half boiled egg, the inside of the egg is delightfully runny but the outer part more solid. The egg is enhanced by the quirky presentation and the dish is perfumed with just a hint of truffle. Crispy bread sticks sprinkled with truffle salt came along with it to allow diners to soak up the yolk.
Warm Sashimi
Next up, the lions had the warm sashimi. Hot olive oil is drizzled over thin slices of fresh salmon sashimi. Very tender, moist and still retains some pinkish rawness. A splatter of wasabi mayo on the top was an epicurean contrast to the aroma of olive oil. A must try!
Risotto with Shaved Black Truffle
One of the mains that was specially prepared for the lions.... Wonderfully done, the risotto was moist and full of flavor thanks to the well-executed stock. The savoury parmesan wafer crisps also added a welcomed crunch to this dish that was brimming with fresh seafood.

Beer Butt Chicken
Another of Chum's specialty that never fails to be a talking point, the beer butt chicken was tender and moist. Although it looked daunting, the chicken can be easily sliced standing. Tiger Beer had been infused into the chicken, giving it a slightly sweet taste. Another must-try if you have friends to share it with.
Here is our review for Chums, A place like home @ Bukit Timah:
Coffee quality: 8 pawprints out of 10
Food: 8.5 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 8 pawprints out of 10

Specials that you should try: Beer Butt Chicken, Spicy Prawn Pasta, Eggs Benedict, Coffee

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

Chums | A place like home @ Bukit Timah
Royal Ville 833 Bukit Timah Road #01-06
Singapore 279887
Tel: 6467 1939

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