Monday, July 30, 2012

Japanese Sweets at Dulcet & Studio

After a fulfilling but exhausting long day serving the Lion of Judah, the 2Cs, together with a hungry bunch of eleven friends decided to recuperate and fellowship over some Sunday sweets. 

At first, they were turned away several times as the cafe of choice - Dulce & Studio - was packed to the brim with other voracious folks and had no room for the tired group. Never disheartened, they headed elsewhere to satiate their hunger pangs before returning with sweet hope.

This time, the group was ushered to a long table where they immediately appointed the two gregarious Sweet Kings of Desserts - Mr RJT and Mr Mark X to fill the table generously with as many sweet treats as they could find.

The two eager kings rolled up their sleeves and got to work: 

Matcha, Chocolate Marble and Cheese Chiffon Cakes;
Chocolate C Cube; Mont Blanc; Cream Puff; Mille Feuille;
Custard, Milk Tea and Coffee Puddings

Dulce & Studio is a new lifestyle cafe by the people behind Tampopo Deli. ''Dulcet'' refers to the sweet treats of delectable Japanese cakes and pastries while "Studio" alludes to cooking classes that can be conducted within the confines of this modern Japanese cafe that seems to be inspired by the "Muji"philosophy of clean minimalism with her white-washed brick walls and warm wooden accents.   

The cafe's logo spots a cute neko silhouette:

Even our furry felines cant resist the sweet treats.

Watch the solemn expressions of pastry chefs in deep concentration
through a narrow glass panel
Clean, bright, minimalist decor

Main courses written in colourful chalk
Learn to bake what you have just eaten ....
Wow! Have you tried such premium ham before?

The guys were soon side-tracked by the extremely competitive beer prices during the stipulated Happy Hour (3pm - 8.30pm daily). They huddled together at the counter for nearly 5 minutes in stunned happiness before giving in to pure malty pleasure.

Happy Delirious Hour!
Japanese beers like Suntory and Sapporo at
extremely competitive prices, easily
one of the lowest on the island!
5 bottles of Suntory beer going for $25.50.

The selection of  pasta dishes made from premium
imported ingredients at reasonable prices (below $15)
calls for repeat visits.

Dulcet & Studio
117 River Valley Road
#01-41/42 Liang Court

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