Saturday, July 14, 2012

Old Woodlands Road Walk

On a breezy Saturday morning, Cute Cute and Cuchi decided to head for some breakexercise. They started from their nest, walking along the scenic track abundant with colourful flowers and greens by a canal along Senja Park Connector.

They passed by The Linear condominium.

And took a pitstop at Chun Sheng Yuan Coffeeshop.

There Cute Cute and Cuchi took a queue number for the much-hyped old school prawn noodles and carrot cake. The carrot cake did not disappoint and turned out to be one of the best local versions that they've ever tasted. However, the same cannot be said for the prawn noodles that turned out mediocre. They wondered about its popularity. Hmmm....

Next, they chanced upon a traditional biscuit shop selling local biscuits in old tin boxes.

Woof! I'm bored, take me on an exploration with you!

Passing by Karu's Curry - purportedly one of the best fish head curries in Singapore can be found here.

By the time they reached Hup Choon Eating House, the 2Cs were regretfully too stuffed for the enticing bak kut teh and roast duck.

They passed Assumption English school and took note of The Art restaurant runned by trainee students. This calls for a visit in another season.

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