Sunday, July 15, 2012

Old Woodlands Road Walk Part 2

Salvation Army Thrift Store was the last stop of the Old Woodlands Road Walk for Cute Cute and Cuchi. Visiting this newly revamped store is a great way to pass time with the whole family and keep the little ones occupied for a few hours during the weekend. The two lions even adopted a new member to the proud lion clan after the visit.

You are my beary good friend

Heroic Rendezvous Doll for only $2!
Clothes Galore! Wedding Gowns Included!
Mummies-to-be rejoice at the selections of prams and baby toys.
Do you fancy a Van Gogh? Admire the range of art pieces for sale.
A Persian carpet welcomes visitors in grandeur style.
Aspiring musicians - Serenade your love with this
charming Oriental Gu Zheng 
Elegant blue and white porcelain to add a touch of old school sophistication
to any home.

What's this? A Missing Lion? Gotta find him!
Oh no! Lots of missing animals as well.
Is he one of the cuddly lost ones?
Indiana Jones rummaging through the box for the lost treasure.
Found a lion! Doesn't look like the one on the poster
though. Should we keep him?
Bring out the Martha Stewart in you with pretty
kitchen wares.
Book Worm Area for the little ones.
Something for the gals .....
And the guys as well ......

Serious read for cat lovers.

Yo mama a retro-looking vet.
Books to feed the soul.

And the stomach as well...

OMG! They really must have every CD ever produced in
Singapore hehehehe

Totally cool and sexy chick!

Keep your booze chilled here.

Am I in Ikea?
Don't wait for the new year, grab your furniture now!

The spoils from Salvation Army Thrift Store. Yes, we couldn't resist
saving the lion. Doesn't he look like a mini Smurfy?
Smurfy and his new found friend - Smurfy Junior :)

Salvation Army Thrift Store
500 Upper Bukit Timah Rd 
Singapore 678106

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