Sunday, July 15, 2012

A short food escapade in Batam

Cute Cute was feeling tad lazy and bored during one of his weekends.... Maybe he was tired of the concrete jungle and the fast pace of life here in Singapore. Thankfully for him, his friend, Ms Di-soh, was organising a trip to Batam. Hmm... lion had not been there for sometime despite the close proximity, looks like it's time for another adventure.
Feeling bored and lazy?
The trip has been ordinary but what surprised Cute Cute most was this little coffee shop near to Batam's factory outlet that made him blog about the food there.

Cute Cute would also like to credit the lovely food photos, which are featured below, to his friend, Miss Go Green.
Swee's Curry Puff
Cute Cute and Mr Stevie Wonder spotted this gem (well they sniffed to this gem more likely) while they were looking for coffee in the coffee shop. Looking so enticing, they bought a number to be shared among all. The chicken curry puff was a delight! Very hot due to its freshness, the curry inside was very savory and had a strong but yet pleasant spicy taste. The pastry that covered the filling was slightly sweet which makes it different from the curry puffs in Singapore.
Chicken Satay
The satay was also something different. The meat is orange reddish colour and the peanut sauce covered the satay instead of being in a separate bowl. Different but taste almost the same as its Singapore counterpart.
Mee Sagu
Feeling greedy when a plate of this passed Cute Cute, he went to order this dish which is the Mee Sagu 沙谷面. Looked very much like Singapore's char mee but taste entirely different. Very smooth and soft, tasted like a cross of our tang hoon and kway teow.

Of course the food adventures did not end once lion and his friends got their ferry tickets home. They had one last meal at one of the cafes at the ferry terminal. Despite being the price of Singapore dollars, the food was relatively not bad. In clockwise direction, teh tarik, fried mee, toast and instant noodles.


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