Monday, December 23, 2013

Free Gourmet Coffee at Workshop

The lions are currently loving Workshop for its bang-for-buck Nippon-inspired set meals. Choose from a small selection of mains that include Wagyu Rice Bowl, Chicken Karaage Don, Unagi Don and Charcoaled Udon. Prices hover between $10 to $13 and every main comes with a serving of miso soup and 2 sides. The real clincher here is the really good gourmet coffee that comes complimentary with any mains ordered. This opening deal got the lions' dining companion, The Professor, exclaiming in awe, "Madness lor! Coffee so good, can give away free meh?" 
The guys (local music duo Jack & Rai) behind
The Flying Squirrel now offer simpler fare at this casual
coffee & sake joint at a nondescript
row of flats at Bukit Merah Lane.
The Lion's half pint of draft Suntory Premium Malt
at $10 nett.
The lioness' Latte on the house. Usual damage: $4.80.
The Professor's Mocha on the house. Usual damage: $5.
Unagi Don ($12) with sides of ebi fry & pumpkin korrokke.
Chicken Karaage Don ($10) with sides of ebi fry & tuna
Bar seating.
Otherwise, vie for the only 2 tables available indoors.
Workshop is a really tiny, almost claustrophobic joint
with limited outdoor and indoor seating. But make your way
down for the yummy don and udon sets. The complimentary
coffee or tea with every main now makes this a simply
irresistible deal.

Blk 121 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 150121

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