Saturday, December 28, 2013

Purrfectly Happy at Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa

The first cat cafe in the Lion City finally opens its doors... ...

The Three Amigos, too excited for words, made their way down to
Boat Quay.
Cat murals greet guests as they make their way up the
flight of stairs.
Kindly remove your footwear before a quick wash of hands.
Kitty-related merchandise.
The Three Amigos are the first guests of the day!
Hello and welcome ... ...
Other cat lovers making the pilgrimage as well.
Take some time to read the house rules in your kitty handbook.
Some observe the felines respectfully from a distance,
while the rest are eager for more tangible cat therapy.
The lions are in for a treat as they are told that the 13 kitties are eager for
 love and play that morning.
Observe different personalities at close proximity.
Emma is the friendliest of the bunch.
She shows off some thrilling moves on the cat tree.
Miley takes a while to warm up to people but
she is no diva.
Peek-a-boo! Demi and Jia Jia clowning around on the
Luna is swift as a cheetah.
Mr White and Dewey, the two brothers, arms locked in a friendly
wrestling match.
Brown Monkey, the Siamese with pretty turquoise eyes,
exudes zen placidity. She's in her own world most of the
Others are more active. They are such a joy to watch.
Little Miss Muppet and Luna shows you how to use the
scratching post.
Groom, groom, groom away...
Little Miss Muppet, the Maine Coon & Ragdoll cross,
loves to be brushed. She claims that she's not vain though.
Mmmm... ... yes yess...... a little to the right... ...
They love to share your seat.
What's this?
Taking a short nibbling break.
The curious cat.
Coffee's pretty decent, but don't expect your usual
gourmet stuff.
Ngiam ngiam ngiam... ...
No need for books or games; the cats are such entertaining hosts...
Get your cat playing kits out.
Striking a photogenic pose.
Contemplating the meaning of life by the window.
Emma saying thanks for dropping by.

Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa
54A Boat Quay
Singapore 049843
Tel: 6536 5319


  1. Thank You for mentioning our mural painting on your post :)

    1. They are such lovely art pieces, you're welcome!