Friday, December 27, 2013

Lounging at Lynn's Cakes & Coffee

Lynn's Cakes & Coffee, with her warm wood accents and predominantly clean white palette, has a friendlier vibe as compared to her hipster neighbour, Necessary Provisions. Coffee here drips from Papa Palheta's beans. The lions did not manage to try the cakes since they were stuffed from brunch here. But judging from the crunchy peppermint cookies they sampled that day, the bakes here are worth the indulge.

The Long Black was smooth and deliciously fruity without the sharp acidity. Coffee is surprisingly good here for a cafe that is mainly cake crazy. For brunch junkies, food is only currently available on weekends. Prices are a little steep for the quality though. The mini chicken burgers were tasty but portions were weight-watching friendly (good news for the fairer sex but not so for macho males). The nasi lemak here could take a leaf from the one at W39. For prices like these, expectations for the usually humble hawker fare will be astronomically high, so every item on the plate would no doubt come under close scrutiny.

The lions will be back for the great coffee, service and bakes. And oh yes, the cheeky neighbourhood cats that make cat-watching by the window so enjoyable.

Lynn's Cakes & Coffee
11 Eng Kong Terrace
Singapore 598983


  1. The menu looks interesting :) Did you manage to try any of their cakes?

    1. Hi GNineThree, we did try the rainbow, espresso choc and velvet cake. But skip these and go for the Choco Heaven Cake instead, it's a little like the Chocolate Cake at Lana's. Spongy, light and not too sweet.