Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Best Gin & Tonic at Oxwell & Co

The lions are back from a week long makan trip out of the Lion City. Just before that, they had a lovely time with friends chilling out over their cuppa joes and craft cocktails at the bar at Oxwell & Co. The bar grub was disappointingly insipid but my oh my did the drinks hit all the right notes. Of course, Cuchi couldn't wait to try Oxwell's house distilled gin & tonic, g&t being a favourite tipple of hers. 

Artisanal house pours dispensed from copper taps. Even tap water and
sparkling water that the restaurant carbonates for free as a service to guests
flows out from these taps. Sweet.
Paying homage to Ann Siang Hill's rich heritage and history,
Oxwell's local spin on the g&t is a smooth blend of house-distilled
nutmeg gin, clove-infused tonic and calamansi juice. The hill was once
home to nutmeg and clove plantations. Love the elegant
nutmeg leaf garnish. Probably one of the best g&ts here on the island
at a very affordable $12.
Green olives with drinks to whet up an appetite for the line of
calorie-busting deep fried bar grub. It's prolly a conspiracy to entice
guests to drink more to wash down the greasy food.
The lions heard much about the vilified service here. But it was warm and
attentive during their visit. The ambience at the bar even during the lazy
afternoon was charmingly winsome. 
Love the kooky vintage, industrial chic decor but they
need to crank it up a notch higher for their grub.
Crispy battered fish bits with garlic mayo and lemon. ($18)
Dull, greasy and flat.
Squid Legs. ($16) The batter and straightforward fry method
do no justice to the squid's freshness. Prolly grilling
would have been better. 
Mussel Popcorn. ($10) One of the better deep fried bar grubs
Angus burger and fries. ($25) We really wanted to like the
food here given the awesome ambience and service.
But ok, we've gotta be honest, it was just disappointing
and the lions had sampled some really good bar bites
in London. Hopefully, it's just a teething issue.
The java was robust and full-bodied. The milk moustache
sure was worth it. Beans by Nylon Coffee Roasters.
Menu for the bar area. They've just rolled out a full menu for lunch as well
(used to be just dinner only!). 

Will be back for drinks.

Here is our review for Oxwell & Co:
Food Quality: Giving them another chance.
Coffee Quality: 8.0 pawprints out of 10.
Ambience: 8.5 pawprints out of 10

Oxwell & Co
5 Ann Siang Hill,

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