Friday, January 18, 2013

Eat Your Heart Out at Ren Bakers

We have all heard the proverbial story about the disillusioned corporate rat who finally mustered up enough courage to turn his blossoming passion for a hobby into a bread-and-butter reality. Well, this  is true of Mr Michael Lee, owner and chef of Ren Bakers. The difference is that while other entrepreneurs fuss mainly about their bottom-lines during the initial start-up, he decides to throw something foolhardy into the batter on top of wrestling with the usual grind of running a business.     

Boy watching cat from a reverential distance.
Caring for, valuing diversity, and treating one another
with respect is usually at the heart of most
social enterprises.
A childhood dream finally materialising into brick-and-mortar.
Ren Bakers, a cosy cafe and bakery, is a social enterprise that 
supports the socially disadvantaged and silver-haired generation
by equipping them with skills pertinent to the running of an f&b
"A slice of home" is one of core philosophies here.
The lions felt totally at ease here with the warm and personable
service. Their glasses of water were always lovingly refilled and
feedback about the food was eagerly gleaned from them.
A plethora of unique bakes on display including
those nostalgic, old-school types. Oh goody!
For the unadventurous ones, don't fret,
pick from safe options like the scones, macarons,
carrot cake, etc. There's a sweet to suit every personality!
Not craving for anything heavy, the lions
picked the delectable old-fashioned Victorian Sponge
with strawberry jam and light cream.
Decent coffee served with a rather too chewy
macaron shell.
Cuchi recommends the deceptively simple Tuna Melt served
on soft herb bread with a side of fresh greens.
Cute Cute went for the more hearty Mustard & Mint Chicken.
It was pure wholesome goodness.
For daily lunch specials, do check out their facebook.
It features more substantial bites
like pastas, stews and chicken done in a variety of ways like
vanilla and cajun.

Check out the other signature bakes that the lions did not have enough stomach space for:

The most loving cake here.
Eat Your Heart Out is a moist chocolate cake with
a beautiful heart-shaped cheese filling and
cheese frosting.
Sometimes they do the "Mint Edition" as well.
 Military Cake:
an eight layered cake with four flavours (red velvet, coffee,
chocolate, hmm what's the last one?)
Very regal and commanding indeed. Cuchi's
knees almost gave way at its sheer size.
Very kawaii cupcakes for the young at heart.
Luv the retro style of piping cream over
each cupcake like those done in the 80s.
Earl Grey Cake to accompany your
pot of tea. Ren Bakers stock quite an impressive
range of teas. Ask for the Antioxidant Amplifier teas
for a greater looking complexion. LOL!
Attention-grabbing, shocking red Darng Rouge Ananas Cake.
This sure looks like comfort food. Rice Krispies!
(Picture courtesy of Ren Bakers facebook page.)
Of all the bakes displayed, this particular baby
held the lions in rapt revery.
It gleamed cheekily from a bygone era.
Loyalty card means more repeat visits!

Ren Bakers is a great cosy and unpretentious place for group gatherings. Service here puts most plush joints to shame. Do not expect any fancy gourmet offerings but honest straight-to-the-heart fare with sparks of experimental ingenuity in creations like Feta Lime Pie (yes, using feta cheese!) and Ebony and Ivory (jasmine-infused mousse). The cafe surely deserves more recognition than her neighbour of the much-ado-about-nothing 2 million-dollar recipe fame. 

Here is our review for Ren Bakers:

Food Quality: 7.5 pawprints out of 10
Dessert Quality: 8.0 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 7.5 pawprints out of 10

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

Ren Bakers
121 Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 534836

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