Friday, January 4, 2013

Hopping down to Rabbit Carrot Gun

After a lovely night catching up with friends and counting down to a brand new year, the lions lay languidly in bed when morning came. A lazy start to the first day of the year was not something that they had in mind. They had envisioned a full day of exciting activities ahead. Boy, did they crave a fresh boost of energy... ... New Year's Day Recovery Brunch at Rabbit Carrot Gun was just what they badly needed. Time to pay a visit down the burrow at the end of Ceylon Road.       

Time to get limp, lifeless self back to form again
post New Year's party.
Rabbit, Gun, erm beer in hand?
Hmm, incorrigible Cute Cute eyes the signature
Buckshot Ale after a night of drinks. Men!
But, hey, he is not alone. The party continues
at another table as they pop open a bottle of
pink sparkling in the morning!

Cuchi looks on in amusement at the glasses of freshly
squeezed juices (ultimate hangover cure?)
on practically every table.
She goes for a reliable Long Black instead.

A unique Long Black with very pronounced
chocolatey notes. Strong and robust enuf to give
one a punch to the senses.
The wait staff mumbled something about the
beans from Brewbar (?) roasted Down Under.
An Eggy Breakfast commences.
Cuchi goes for the Egg Florentine:
Poached Eggs on a Bed of Spinach
served with Homemade Hollandaise Sauce ($10.90).
Eggs Pacifico:
Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon
and Homemade Hollandaise Sauce ($16.50).
Both egg dishes were done superbly but of course
the lions still preferred Chum's generous version.
A pint of Buckshot Ale
brewed exclusively for Rabbit Carrot Gun.
Love the brilliant amber shade of colour.
A macho pick-me-up for morns.
Retro-looking hanging lamps.
Rabbit Carrot Gun sits in a beautifully restored shophouse.
The owners also run an independent boutique bnb.
The pics online look absolutely stunning - a home away from home
Heart the very English green tartan sofa upholstery.
Alfresco seating.

With an English chef at the helm, the lions will be back for dinner or lunch. They will be looking forward to dishes like Mr McGregor's Fish Pie, Mother Rabbit's Quiche, Braised Rump Steak, Madeira & Chicken Liver Parfait, Rhubarb & Ginger Crumble and the list goes on.

Here is our review for Rabbit Carrot Gun:

Food Quality: 8.0 pawprints out of 10
Coffee Quality: 8.5 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 7.5 pawprints out of 10

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

Rabbit Carrot Gun
49 East Coast Road
Singapore 428768