Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Importance of being Earnest at Pasta J

The two lions decided to pay their good olde friend, Monster Cat, a visit during his birthday month and found him suitably engaged in session of therapeutic face massage. Like a boss indeed.  

Yes, yes, don't miss that spot ... ...
Aaaaaarrr you please me human.
Mmmmmm... ....
Monster Cat was sharing that such an indulgence had become a necessity after long, hard days at work. With rising inflation and slow growth in the Lion City, even a gentleman's cat like Monster Cat takes pleasure in the small things of life that does not cost him an arm and leg.

Wanting to impress the ginger cat who was, by then, feeling a little peckish, the lions told him of a passionate local boy and his unbelievably good and affordable pasta dishes nestled in a humble coffee shop. The pasta served there was no ordinary pasta; it was so fine that it would not be entirely uncomfortable on the tables of uppity restaurants with posh-er than thou addresses.

The lions first came to know about earnest John and his
signature pesto sauce while he was passionately promoting
his stellar creation at a weekend farmers' market.
This pesto sauce is chockful of impressive ingredients like
carapelli extra virgin olive oil, aeroponic basil leaves,
premium parmesan cheese, fresh cang san old garlic and
a host of other secret ingredients. A definite must-grab item
at Pasta J.
Words fail the lions as they tuck into the
Muddy Mushroom Soup ($3.50) served in a cup.
This has gotta be one of the best mushroom soups in town!
Made with pressure-cooked pork bone stock with
cartilage and marrow, this rich and chunky heck of a soup
is of five-star pedigree. Ingredients include white button
mushrooms, caramelised garlic and onions, and home-made
pork sausage meat. 

Seafood Laksa Pasta ($12.90)
came with a generous slab of fresh squid that was toasted
with sea salt and crushed black pepper.
The piquant laksa sauce was not cloying but
had a unique fusion East-meets-West flavour.
The Bourdain ($7.90) is a tribute to the famous food show host
who loves everything porcine.
This dish comes power packed with the umami richness
of bacon, premium cheese, herbs and home-made pork sausage.
John proudly declares that even those who are not too fond of
tomato-based pastas, will love this!
Lemon Yoghurt Chicken  with Spinach Cream Pasta ($11.90).
This comparatively light and satisfying dish came with a
whole leg of chicken cooked
with Greek-style yoghurt, paprika and lemon.
What truly lifts this dish to ecstatic heights is the
little scoop of chopped zesty black olives at the side.
The lions taking a treasured Soooo Pesto! bottle back
for more home-cooked experiments.
Wow this humble little shop sure pays attention to the
littlest details. Eco-friendly corn bag used for
takeaways. Wow!

The lions were too stuffed for words after the meal. No room for desserts :( They would want to try the creamy creme brulee on another visit. John allows his patrons to torch this dish to caramelise the layer of sugar over the custard. Fun!

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

Pasta J Italian & Western Food
Moonstone Coffee House
41 Opal Crescent
Singapore 328428
(for dinner service only. Closed on Saturdays.)

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