Thursday, October 10, 2013

Can I have a Backstage Pass?

No, coming here does not make you privy to salacious details of the insecure and famous nor does it let you get up close and personal to the horrifying, ill-tempered hissy fits thrown by prima donnas in the making. It does, however, manages to make one feel entirely small indeed. This new coffee joint has gotta be the island's largest in terms of sheer height, and perhaps even size. And probably also the hardest to reach without a vehicle of your own. It was right smack in the middle of a weathered industrial estate. Backstage is named after studio spaces that the same building house for filming.

Lunchtime Value Eats.
With a location this ulu, they do have to target folks in
the immediate vicinity: office workers.
Smile! You're on... ...oh a fake camera!
Rotating specialty blends from different indie coffee joints.
Now to choose a seat... too low...
The booth seats right at the back look..erm...too close to
the kitchen for comfort.
Alright, this will do.
Stewed pork with rice and a cafe latte. The stewed pork
was fuss-free and traditional with a comforting homemade flavour.
Cuchi found the latte a little too milky and the
coffee not strong enough. Cute Cute thought it was alright but
then again, the Lion had a strict Long Black palate.
The cavernous monster of a cafe. Dimly lit place, oh check
out the cool lighting. They do look like they belong to a stage
set. Desserts didn't look particularly captivating. Looks like
the food here is the main show stopper.

Hmm... ...despite the luxury of space, there was a missing intangible element that the lions couldn't put a finger to that would entire them back. A double-edged sword? Too huge, too impersonal perhaps?

 Backstage Cafe
Safekeep Building
158 Kallang Way,
Singapore 349245

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