Monday, October 14, 2013

Compl(e)ments of: A Pop-Up Cafe

Temporium is a too-cool-for-words pop-up store, cafe and gallery featuring pieces from local designers and brands like Books Actually and Stolen, that sits in defiant contrast to the beautiful mess of Little India outside. Its less than desirable postal code seems to add to the hipster quotient here. Visit before everything disappears in March next year. The pop-up cafe portion of the two-storey space is a collaboration between "3 Singaporean craftsmen who complement each other" (the "e" in compl(e)ments also written to resemble an "i"). Expect coffee from Papa Palheta and mains from Wild Rocket served on elegant ceramics by Weekend Worker.

Step inside and take in the serene Muji-like minimalism
and interior that can be described as industrial chic with
its raw finishes.
A pared-down menu with only one main dish available to fill
hungry tum-tums. The main of the month is Chili Soft Shell Crab Burger
served with squid ink buns. Dessert option is also highly limited with a
very lonely Sugee Cake with Coconut ice-cream.
Coffee is served with a glass of water and two dainty cookies.
Can find no fault with the almost flawless presentation.
Long Black and Latte hit the right notes.
Coffee seems to taste much better in these
lovely ceramics lol.
Thank you for letting us sample the pungent
hebi hiam cookies on sale by Wild Rocket.
Highly Addictive with the cheese bits.
What? Only these?
Pity the limited variety of pastries, cakes and desserts.

The vibe and feel of this place reminds the lions of The Monocle Cafe in London.

Compl(e)ments of

72-74 Dunlop Street
Singapore 209400
Opening Hours:
7 Sept 2013 - 8 Mar 2014
Store / Gallery
Tue to Sun 10am - 8pm
Closed every Monday
Tue to Sun 9am - 10pm
Closed every Monday

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