Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Tiramisu Hero - Meow!

A day's holiday was spent with lovely friends over tea and cakes. The lions decided to head to the Jalan Besar district for their caffeine fix and to pay a feline personality (who has become a celebrity of sorts) a visit at his newly-minted joint named after... ...hmmm his humble self. The inimitable masked cat, Mr San Antonio, has finally opened a full-fledged cafe showcasing his nutty obsession with the Italian sweet treat.

People, people everywhere... it was a bustling day at this cafe but it was not
the exception. The day's holiday saw rest-deprived souls swarming most of
the island's cafes for a relaxing cuppa. It did not help that some joints chose
to take the day off as well. 
Kitty loves grass - a perfect way to greet amused patrons.
Patiently waiting for a seat at the entrance?
Kitty loves random knick knacks.
Kitty loves himself as well. Hand-drawn caricatures of the masked feline
fill the walls. Grab a chance to be the mysterious cat as well - but
do not hoard the mega-ass head for those kodak moments.
Mission Accomplished.
Grab a menu from the easel.
Love the whimsical ladders to nowhere dressed in fairy lights.
Thank goodness the lions' friends were there early to reserve
a bench for eight. Mr Business Times took the liberty of ordering
for everyone and the lions took the liberty of filling their stomachs
with the gorgeous sweets. Happy spoons were digging messily
into the saccharine sweet treats. Ironically, this molten lava
baby was unanimously deemed to be the best on the table.
How did the rest of the actual tiramisu treats score?
Tiramisu in a Jar: The way the textures were layered was
interesting, pity the lack of alcohol.
Tiramisu Holicks Cake: Light, delightfully creamy with
a hint of sweet malty goodness. Fared better than the
Milo version below.
Mr Causeway deemed these treats child's play as he prefers
his Italian treats drenched in stronger spirits.
Coffee quality was a little inconsistent that day. Coffee
was too acidic for consumption lamented the lions and
Mr Business Times while Mr London was perfectly
satisfied with his cup of latte.
With quite a few food items on the menu, you might want
to brunch here as well. The more substantial items are
dished out through this wooden window from the kitchen.
Then again, you might want to ring for a Loo Roll here lol.

Here is our review for The Tiramisu Hero:
Coffee Quality: 6.5 pawprints out of 10
Dessert Quality: 7.0 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 7.5 pawprints out of 10

The Tiramisu Hero
121 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207548