Monday, October 14, 2013

Streets of London at British Hainan

The lions decided to revisit a well-loved little dining joint that has found a quiet new home in the East. Look for where Carpmael Road meets Crane Road... ...

Streets of London teams up with British Hainan.
That can only mean great food served
in an atmospheric setting inspired by a great bout
of nostalgia. Time to set the clock back.

Gourmet Coffee is available here and the bean of choice
hails from Toby's Estate. G'day mate!
Maybe not tonight, methinks.
Choose to dine by the quiet street under a
striped awning... ...
Or head indoors for a trip down memory lane.
The piano marries the accordion and voila! you
have the harmonium. Finger the keys while
working on the bellows at the same time.
Let me toast you breakfast while you
mull over the ending to your novel. Certain writers
still swear by the inspired sounds of a typewritter.
Love the red flask and the hanging jaw bone.
Take a seat and make yourself at home.
Can imagine grandma watching a monochrome movie on that.
Nuthin' like sweet cider for a thirsty Friday!
Onion Soup with homemade flavours.
Don't expect those rich broths served at
French restaurants here.
Beer battered prawns. Hmm portion was a little small
and the taste was alright. Would not go for this again.
The main of Dijon Mustard Pork Chop was superbly done -
it was infused with an addictive marinate. No accompanying
sauce needed to add wonders to this simple dish.
Wooden lions guard the entrance.
The antique memorabilia, musical instruments, appliances and furniture
on display at the restaurant are for sale btw.

British Hainan is owned by a local family of antique collectors. The two lions love the warm and congenial service by husband-and-wife team, Vanessa and Douglas. The menu remains somewhat similar to the one created by owner Thomas when Streets of London was at Bukit Merah (thank goodness they kept the ingenious IPA Chicken!) but supplemented by pasta and pizza offerings now. The mains are still the restaurant's strongest suit and the lions were somewhat disappointed that they had removed signature items like Cuchi's favourite rack of lamb and the steak item from the menu. Oh well, they'll definitely be back for a cuppa and to try the new dishes!

Streets of London
at British Hainan
75 Carpmael Road
Singapore 429812

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