Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bang-for-Buck Blue Mountain Coffee at Blue Mahoe Showroom

The search for a bak kut teh fix at Midview City in Sin Ming led the lions to stumble upon JBM Coffee Works - the distributor of the Blue Mahoe Estate Coffee here.

They did not know what to expect but gingerly pushed the doors open.
It's a showroom for JBM's imported single origin beans from around the
world. The star attraction's of course the Blue Mountain Coffee
from the Blue Mahoe Estate in Jamaica.
This is also a retail shop for coffee accessories like bodum glasses and
nifty coffee contraptions.
The siphon.
Give it a whiff - Ethopian Yirgacheffe beans.
This is better than any perfume counter.
Grab a cuppa of choice - Long Black, Latte, Flat White, etc. Beans used
are from their signature blend. The single origin and blue mountain coffee
are currently not available due to operations being focused on their
pop-up stand in Orchard now. We hear that they will be available sometime
after 15 Feb. Fingers crossed.
As this is a showroom and not a full-fledged cafe, coffee
comes in a takeaway cup. But it was impressively good -
full-bodied, mild acidity, floral and fruity. Boiled it down to
the use of their premium blend of beans. Sign up for their
membership here ($28 for 10 cups). That makes it $2.80
a cup! The more premium coffee like the blue mountain
is deductible for an equivalent 3 cups. Prolly the most
value for money blue mountain on the island. Of course,
head to their Esplanade cafe for the full luxurious experience.
Grab your blue mountain beans here. On a side note,
they are currently running a promotion for coffee puritans.
The Classic Espresso Blend, Costa Rica Coffee, Dominican
Republic Coffee and Ethiopia Coffee will retail at $33 for
3 bags of beans! For a limited time only.
Single origin beans from across the globe.
This showroom has become quite popular among the office crowd here.
German Coffee Roaster for sale.

Blue Mahoe Estate Coffee Showroom/
JBM Coffee Works

22 Sin Ming Lane
Mid View City
Singapore 573969
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri - 9am to 6pm
Sat - 9am to 1pm

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