Thursday, January 30, 2014

iScream under a HDB in Bedok

Gourmet ice-cream parlours are invading the heartlands and the latest to join in the fray is iScream from the guys that gave us the creatively posh tea lounge, Arteastiq, at Mandarin Gallery. Instead of tea-sipping taitais and shade-wearing yuppies, the bulk of their fans here seem to be adoring students with deep pockets. Gone are the days of humble potong popsicles, 50 cents pocket money and the discipline of saving for treats like these. We guess it's reward for all that high level cramming, monotonous assessments and teenage angst. Cold treats like these come with newfangled names and novel flavours nowadays. A happy balm for frazzled souls.

You are never too old for an ice-cream.
iScream alright. We heard you as well as hundreds of students from a
20 mile radius.
Park your set of wheels here and head in.
Sexy leather-clad vintage wheels to put yours to shame.
Posing at the front to up the hip quotient.
No more Centrepoint kids anymore. The popular school crowd
hangs out at joints like these now.
Wah! A-state-of-the-art Italian Tonda revolving ice-cream
display machine to cool the different flavours evenly.
Quirky industrial chic look with
chair handles and legs resembling pipes.
It's a brave new world. Social media has taken over our
Pulley Lamps.
Smurfy and Smurfy Jr doing the taste test that day.
Choose your topping of choice in clinical plastic
wrapping. So hygienic, a person with contamination OCD
would approve.
Would you like a sprinkling of the pill-like
mini marshmallows?
Or the life-saving Chinese antidote
masquerading as maltesers. Hiiiii-yaaaak!
Sit by the window to contemplate the meaning of life.
Or contemplate the price of your dessert which goes
by a pay-per-weight system. Unlike the rip-off
**gurt, prices are still kept friendly here at 3.5 cents
per gram with a minimum weight of 100g.
Our four scoops weigh $9.45 and they are carefully
dug out by the service staff.
Rum n Raisin, Chempedak, Chocolate with Marshmallows
and Red Date Tea scoops on a plastic tray that resembles the
black slate you get served food on at atas restaurants.
Melting fast in the hot weather. The Rum n Raisin stood out
with its punchy alcoholic notes. The rest fared well too with
bits of fruits in the chempedak and red date tea scoop.
Would go for their novelty creations like the Social
Media Plate next time. You can liquor-infuse your
ice-cream as well (add $1).

Mummy, look at my art piece!
Butter milk waffles were addictively good too.
A little out of place were the Korean Bingsu desserts on the menu.
We love the eye-catching marketing posters.

iScream is an ice-cream parlour that attempts to differentiate itself from the run-of-the-mill ice-cream joints with its own ice-cream and waffle platter creations. Folks who love to DIY their own desserts would also appreciate the freedom to mix and match ingredients and play with the extensive range of add-ons here.

Blk 89
Bedok North Ave 4
Singapore 460089

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