Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oz Specialty Coffee ≠ An Aussie Joint

Now this is rather hilarious. With a moniker like OZ Specialty Coffee, the two lions were half expecting an insightful tour of java blends from around Down Under. But no, the primary house blend here is the Roadster Blend from Bangkok-based Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters. Why then, a name like that? According to OZ's young owner, they were throwing up names, toying with those related to magic... ...hmmm... ... not exactly magical-sounding unless you count the Wizard of Oz... ....

The passion that runs this joint is palpable though, and this is what the lions love most. 

The Roadster Blend,  christened after the open-top
automobile, aims to refresh you with its nutty and ripe
fruit notes. Just like cruising down the coast with the wind
in your hair. Eeeerr, pardon the cheese.
Little penguin with a little emotional blackmail.
The hardworking barista deserves some lurrrve... ...
A really tiny cafe with an impressive brew menu.
They do source beans from other roasters like Square Mile
Coffee Roasters (UK), George Howell Coffee Company (US),
Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters (US) and even our very own
Nylon Coffee Roasters (SG).
Simple kitchen set-up that churns out goodies such as the signature
Belgium Liege Waffles. Other bakes come from neighbour BerryGerryBakes
whose creations range from durian caneles and cempedak madeleines to
pandan sugee cakes.
Indoor aisle seating is limited so head outside.
This is also prolly a more suitable place to savour
the Roadster blend of coffee lol.
The spotlight's on the Roadster as they reckon that
the taste profile (smooth floral, fruity and chocolatey notes)
would suit the local palate and would be widely accepted by
most coffee drinkers. The lion, who generally prefers his coffee
strong and robust, did not particularly like the subtle Long Black
but the lioness loved it.
The lioness gave her espresso on the rocks two thumbs up
on a hot sweltering day.
The mild blend did not quite cut through the milk enough;
the lion thought the latte was a little weak.
Thanks for the complimentary Latte with a dollop of
vanilla ice-cream and toasted nuts. It was a real treat :)

A few new cafes have sprouted at Thomsom V Two, including November 8, but OZ Specialty Coffee is probably the most serious contender in the coffee department. And goodness gracious us, the cafe opens till late - 12am to be exact.

OZ Specialty Coffee
11 Sin Ming Road
Thomson V Two
Singapore 595629

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