Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Moo Moo Milk Roll at Yardley Pastry

The lions first stumbled upon a Yardley Pastry roll at My Liberica Coffee in Johor Bahru. It was a simple mango blancmange roll made with fresh mango puree whose fluffy texture and clean-tasting notes won much praise from the hardcore coffee drinkers at the table. They deemed it a refined version of Singapore's lauded Rich & Good swiss roll.

One weekend afternoon, the lions finally made their way with family to the actual cafe, hoping for another bite of the delectable Japanese inspired milk roll.

Nope. Yardley's not, in any way, connected to stiff upper
lip Britannia though we love the unintentional association
with the great manufacturerer of quality soaps. Rather, it's
named after the owner who's a local Chinese dude. Yup
you heard us right.
Nothing's really refined about the location, facade,
signboard and, you will soon find out, the interior.
They let the quality of their star product do all the
talking instead.
Head up the stairway flanked by framed news coverage
and some form of art pieces.
Well-loved by the local press.
Menu comes in the form of a vintage-looking
photo album.

Yardley Pastry takes pride in the quality of their
Japanese style rolls. Only fresh milk is used during the
baking process and it is not diluted by a single drop of
water as claimed. No artificial colouring or preservatives
are used as well.
Very simple and almost utilitarian decor and furnishings.
Wished that they would actually play on the name and go
for a cosy English cottage theme instead. Wouldn't that be perfect?
An amazingly extensive range of
flower teas to complement the light milk rolls.
The tiramisu cake here is made with My Liberica's
dark roast beans. What a creative partnership!
Would have preferred it laced more heavily with alcohol
but no complaints! A must-try is the silky smooth panna
cotta in the original flavour as well.
Denim-clad server presenting the pretty-in-pink
star product - Strawberry Dairy Roll - with
cutsy moo moo spots.
They indulged in 3 selected flavours:
Spinach Cheese (too funky tasting),
Black Sesame Blancmange (too light and mild),
and the Strawberry Dairy Roll (gooooood!).
There are approximately 12 flavours to choose from
which makes it a tough decision for capricious eaters.
Pick also from the milk roll series (cream filling) or the
blancmange series (pudding-like centre).
The lions still preferred the mango blancmange over these
3 flavours!

The latte made with My Liberica beans wasn't executed
so well. You might want to stick to the teas instead.
A "Blooming" Flower Tea. Wait for it... ...
Jasmine Pomelo Tea.
... ... to open and unveil it's glorious colours.
Sorry that we snuck some CNY crab stick goodies in here.
A pretty wall picture of their Strawberry Dairy Roll.
Yardley Pastry's interior.

If there's any gripe, it's that prices are a little steep and certain flavours are so mild, the nuances are lost if refrigerated for too long. Otherwise, these rolls are light on the waist line and palate. A great place for dessert lovers.

Yardley Pastry
161A, Jalan Sri Pelangi
80400 Taman Pelangi
Johor Bahru

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