Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Play those Dixie Tunes at The Beast

During his formative years, a little lion's poison of choice used to be the rather unrespectable New Orleans Original Southern Comfort and her line of easy-going bourbon cousins. As he grew, he became intimately acquainted with a range of classier Scotch whiskys and left his first love in the dust. When The Beast first opened, he was eager to make amends and suggested to his lovely companion that they should pay homage to the island's first bourbon bar. It took them some time to make their way down as the lioness was not too keen on getting her paws greasy on all that Southern fried food. She was finally taken in by the lion's honeyed words promising a Scarlett O'Hara moment. Oh boy... ... 

Couldn't quite get the barn-like references that inspired
the name. But heck cool moniker.
Sit alfresco under vintage lamps and beside rusting
oil drums given a new lease of life as makeshift tables.
Instead of bread or peanuts, you get the all-American
snack to kick off your meal. Useless fact: During the
Great Depression, the popcorn business was a source
of income for many struggling farmers.
The lions were mulling over whether to order from the
bar snack menu or the slightly more expensive main menu.
They decided to go for the latter and were glad they did.
The neighbouring table's 3 tiny pork sliders did not look like it
could feed the appetite of a hungry man.
Southern comfort food: honey-glazed ribs, southern fried chicken, shrimp &
grits and fried catfish. A whole lot of greasy fried goodness to pair with
a bourbon in hand. Prices are nett.
The restaurant's slogan inviting visitors to casually kick back, relax,
be themselves and have a good time. Sure don't want anything ugly
happening after a few rounds of American whiskey.
Casual interior.
Sexy tartan-clad service staff  trying to explain the
Single Barrel classic pre-prohibition flight ($38).
There are 5 flights to choose from: Introductory Flight,
Low Rye Bourbon, High Rye, Small Batch and Single Barrel.
Dusk falls as the lions savour their flight of bourbon.
From left to right: Four Roses, Blanton's and Elijah Craig.
This is no puritan bar. It does not come with slow-melting ice spheres or
clean-tasting spring waters for dilution.
Spiced Gazpacho ($10): Chilled Tomato and Watermelon Soup.
Really refreshing and a good palate cleanser for any fried food.
A side of crunchy coleslaw in a jar ($6).
Chicken & Waffle ($20): Buttermilk Chicken, Waffle and
Bourbon Maple Butter Syrup. I know what you guys are
prolly thinking: 20 bucks for something I can get from a fast
food chain? It really depends on how much you like your fried
chicken, ok. It definitely tasted better than most of the stuff
in fast food joints and the bourbon syrup was heavenly.
But yeah, then again, how much do crave fried chicken?
The combination worked for us.
30 varieties of bourbon here, most of them made in Kentucky.
Alternatively, you might want to try their selection of American craft beers
or whiskey cocktails created by 28 Hong Kong's Michael Callahan.
Their stroll around the Arab Street precinct after the meal took them past
the Aliwal Urban Art Festival. What serendipity!
Rock on!
Graffiti art on vehicles.
Graffiti art on walls.
Street art performance took place at the carpark.
Sound installation going on indoors as well.

The Beast
17 Jalan Klapa
Singapore 199329

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