Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Skippy comes to Penang

On top of Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic's street art in Penang (some of which is sadly fading already), another street art project titled ""101 Lost Kittens" initiated by A.S.A. (Artists for Stray Animals) aims to inspire people to help more strays be adopted and loved. It is also a fun way to discover the back lanes of George Town.

Lovely UNESCO Heritage Site of George Town.
Baby lions wanting to be part of the art installation as well... ...
Skippy, a stray kitten with a deformed leg, was the inspiration for the whole
campaign. She now resides happily at Bon Ton Resort Langkawi,
welcoming guests every day. Read all about her in a pictorial storybook
titled "Skippy comes to Penang" retailing at cafes like China House.
Support a good cause!
Spot the rat.
Love me like your fortune cat.
The real Bruce Lee would never do this.
Cats and humans co-existing in harmony.
No animal discrimination please.
I help catch rats.
Care for me.
Cats walking for stray awareness.

Street Art by other Unknown Artists:

Kitten searching ... ...
... ... for a guitar playing mouse.
Forest Gump and his pearls of wisdom.
The baby lions joining in the
traditional lion dance.
Even the controversial JB mural was spotted here.

Have fun hunting!

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