Friday, November 2, 2012

Bakeries Galore at Sunset Way

When the lions heard that Drips was opening another bakery in Sunset Way, they decided to head down to congratulate Alfred on his new venture. They have been a keen supporter of Alfred's bakes since his Fredo Galaxy days. The new Drips at Sunset Way seem to feature more delish breads than pastries.
Butter Brioche at $2 each.
Vanilla Custard Bun at $1.80 each.
Cuchi's favourite Rosemary Chicken Bun at $1.80 per piece.

Usual cakes, tarts and pastries on glorious display.

Rustic wooden touches with white-washed walls

Baguette anyone?
Congratulations on your expansion!

Drips making headway into yet another housing estate. Will the artisan bakery breathe new life into this sleepy and quiet neighbourhood? With Tiong Bahru getting too boisterous and crowded for the Lions' liking nowadays, albeit with good cafes sprouting like mushrooms every other week, they hope that this estate will retain its charming laidback vibe.

The lions went about exploring the estate:

Balmoral Bakery has been a much-loved fixture and icon of the
neighbourhood for many years.

Hello there! Taking refuge from the sweltering heat and sun
with good company :)

Buon Giorno! We meet yet another friendly
neighbourhood friend. 

As the lions decided to break for brunch, they spotted a humble tim sum stall in a coffeeshop and decided to check it out for their friend's sake - Mr BMW who needs his Chinese tapas fix practically once a week.

What's the verdict?  These little Chinese treats are
all purported to be painstakingly handmade from

Carrot and fish cake

Prawn Dumplings

See the generous amount of ingredients used.
A long queue soon ensues after the Lions had their fill.
Crikey! What luck! They did not know that this stall
was so popular.

Friendly and efficient service.
Rolls of stacked empty tim sum baskets.

The tim sum was finger-licking good and is
highly recommended by the lions.
They ended the meal with one of the best egg tarts on the island.
It was silky smooth and the custard was not too sweet -
courtesy of Drips Bakery of course.

Now on to check out the two bakeries that had long made Sunset Way their home prior to new kid on the block, Drips.

Variety of old-school bakes is amazing. Cuchi spots the
butterfly cup-cake that she used to bake for home economics classes.

Very nostalgic variety of cakes, tarts and pastries.
Not exactly the most refined in terms of appearance
but definitely timeless in appeal.

Took away the much-raved out pies:

Heart the 80s-looking logo and design.
According to Cute Cute and Roary, a bite of one of these
pies immediately set them reminiscing about the
good ole innocent days. 
Wow another old school bakery:

Unpretentious and rather tacky-looking purple signage
beckons you in.

Rave review of their puff pastries by the press.

Spartan and simple furnishings and display counter.

The cheesecakes look real handsome. But unfortunately the lions
are too stuffed to try anything here. They must bring friends
next time!


What a fulfilling afternoon!
The lions also bought some aquarium accessories
to start a fish channel. Lol.
That's all, folks!

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