Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tools of the Caffeine Trade at Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Cute Cute and Mr Business Times finally went to check out the much-hyped Chye Seng Huat Hardware - flagship of the guys behind Papa Palheta after much resistance due to crowd phobia.

Swinging Bachelor without Cuchi.
Hey let's call Mr BT out for
a guys hang-out session.
Roar! Support Local. Singapore's very own Jungle Craft Beer!
Coffee Beer, exclusively brewed for CSHH.
Cute Cute thinks it tastes like sweet stout.
Time to bring his sweet lioness Cuchi along
for the ride after the guys-only session.
Facade of CSHH.
The guys behind this project won a architectural
award for staying true to heritage and
artfully converting a traditional hardware shop
to a paean of java madness.

Old school acrylic signage.
Juxtaposition of modern vs traditional.
Time to head in, past the gloomy & imposing steel gates.
Let's get high on caffeine!
Hipster crowd paying homage.
Takeaway cup with nostalgic Chinese stamp
and retro-looking name card.
Fantastic croissants and of course coffee that
you can count on to wake you from your
languid afternoon stupor.
Tagline imprinted on the saucer.
Kindly decipher the meaning for the lions pls!
Cold brew in tinted and vintage-looking medicine bottles.
The lions chilling out at the window sill.
Coffee Appreciation space.
Lions for hire. They will roast a mean bag of
beans for you.
Nice respite in the huge courtyard.
The noisy crowd inside is starting to get on
the frazzled lions' nerves.
Bye bye people! Time to head to quieter hole in a wall.
A really lovely place. Pity that it's over-run with
homo sapiens. The lions will return for the coffee
appreciation classes conducted at The Annex though.

The lions will not post the address here as they feel that the place is becoming like a zoo.

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  1. Hi, a longtime reader-follower! Love your blog! Very helpful in deciding where to go when we're feeling more adventurous but lazy to wander around!

    I think the phrase 'Capsules are dead' might be a jab at the growing popularity of coffee capsule machines like the nespresso.