Friday, November 30, 2012

Columbian Tapas at La Barra

This little island was recently invaded by an overwhelming army of Spanish tapas joints. Some outstanding, some mediocre and some just downright unpalatable. 

So imagine Cute Cute's interest was piqued one morning while reading the papers that a Colombian tapas joint has taken refuge at The Star Vista in the western part of the island. In fact, the pretty mall resembling Noah's ark has brought a slew of enticing restaurants to the otherwise deprived west, devoid of any exciting f&b establishments (newly-minted The Grandstand is next but that's for another post!).    

Finally a tapas joint not serving the usual Spanish nibbles! Cute Cute immediately pulled Cuchi down to the Buona Vista estate one evening.

Come on, quit lying around!
Open concept casual joint. Thank goodness for the
cool evening breeze. Plays a modern mix of
infectious and chill-out Latin American tunes.
Chair in the colours of the country's flag:
red, yellow and blue.
Pick your poison of choice from a list of 
classic Colombian cocktail concoctions and liquor such as the
Refajo, Colombiana, and Aguardiente,as well as the
specially-imported beers like Aguila, Club Colombia and Redd’s.
Cute Cute settled for the light and refreshing Aguila.

Spied Columbian Juan Valdez Coffee here.
Must return to try!
Sausages and baby potatoes.
This dish tasted quite ordinary if not for the
extremely addictive baby potatoes
The paper thin potato skins have a surprising bite to it.
Open face arepa with chicken and avocado.
Really delicious. And what's so special
about this flat corn-based unleavened pita
is the crusty exterior that gives way to soft,
chewy bread.  Nice!

Regrettably, the lions were too stuffed after a late lunch and had to pass over dishes like the carne asada, empanadas and the various imported tipples and pura shakes. Only complaint was the limited menu and the rather steep prices for tapas. Overall, it was an interesting experience. This joint purportedly aims to bring the best of authentic Columbian street fare to this island. A little more PR on the part of the service stuff would have helped.

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

La Barra
The Star Vista,
1 Vista Exchange Green,
Singapore 138867

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