Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Modern Karang Guni Man at ArtsyFact

Everton Park is indeed becoming the next hotspot for indie coffee joints. Just this week, the two lions had lunch at humble Sebastian's and passed by a new coffee joint that had just sprout up; pity that it was closed for a private event though.

They then stumbled upon this quaint little place called ArtsyFact, a charming showroom of eclectic vintage furniture painstakingly curated from around the region and restored to chic items of desire. Fancy a family heirloom piece? You could prolly find one here. Imagine coffee gunny sack chairs, benches upcycled from old retro-looking window frames, rare sewing machine frames turned coffee tables, and the list goes on. Have one of these babies in your home and they will definitely be a talking point.

Oh and they do serve coffee as well, in the tradition of Papa Pahelta's no-menu-no-price, just tip according to your fancy. For such an establishment whose core business is not coffee, they sure can serve up a mean cup.

Leon working his magic.
Long Black
Cafe Latte


It was a lovely experience talking to Leon who shared really interesting anecdotes and stories behind some of the vintage pieces.

2 Everton Park
Singapore 081002

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