Thursday, June 12, 2014

$50 Omakase at Sushi Kou

The Koreans and the Japanese have made Tanjong Pagar a food haven for the rush hour working executives and no one's complaining. Competition's heating up and prices in the area can sometimes be eye-poppingly reasonable in this city with sky-rocketing rents. If you would like to indulge once in a purple sun but hate standing in line or paying through your nose, the lion would simply point to Sushi Kou's wallet friendly omakase meals available for both lunch and dinner. Fifty bucks might not buy you premium items on your plate (you've got to upgrade to $80 and $100 for that) and the quality of ingredients might not necessarily wow your refined senses, but hey, the experience will leave you feeling at least more than satiated in the tummy. So grab a friend cos the caveat's that two people must eat. Bottom line? This place feeds you good.  

Miso Salmon Belly
Sashimi Moriwase: salmon, squid, scallop, tuna, sweet
amebi and swordfish.
Grilled Hamachi
Tempura Prawns
Summer vegetable broth with mushroom, radish, pumpkin
and er, fish liver.
Sorry, this baby's only for diners tucking into the premium omakase meals.
Tuna, salmon, squid, swordfish and sweet amebi sushi.
Yuzu Sorbet

Chef-owner Koda Naokatsu flies his ingredients directly in twice weekly from his suppliers in Japan and he’s kind enough to pass on some of these savings to his patrons.

Sushi Kou
Orchid Hotel
1 Tras Link  #01-16
Singapore 64448433

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