Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Le Char Kuey at Flee Away Cafe

Where else can you munch on a scrumptious baguette-sized you tiao stuffed with local delights like laksa and bak kwa? Or tuck into ang moh-fied Beef Hash Pie Tee? And escape into childhood nostalgia? Why at Flee Away Cafe, of course... ...

Kindergarten chairs placed outside to humiliate placate the
smokers... ...
Old movie seats at the window... ... catch the performance
Vintage sewing machine turned table.
Take flight! This theme is cleverly played throughout the cafe.
Salt and Pepper.
Your eyes are never bored here with the treasure trove of yesteryear
knick knacks.
An adorable pink formica stool sits atop an old
cupboard. Can we bring it home, please?
Ah-ma used to make agar agar from those aluminium jelly moulds... ...
Retrolicious Fishies. No need for a real tank.. ...
Kiddy Ride Zebra from Asher's Vintage Market
with The Addams Family's eerie Hand
holding a wascally wabbit by the ears... ...
Pins from The Little Drom Store.
More goodies from Wheniwasfour.
This hp accessory, in the shape of a black and white kitty,
reminded the lions of a stray cat that they used to lavish
their  love on. Aspiring entrepreneurs can rent a box space
here at $30 a month to house their merchandise items.
Flee underwater... ....
Le Char Kuey ($12.50 to $15.50) with a side of mini
papadums, good for two to share. The Laksa filling was
piquant and tasty; worth a try. Chockful of eggs, fishcakes,
dried baby shrimp, and tau pok.
The Le Char Kuey with Chicken Bak Kwa and wasabi mayo filling was also
strangely comforting, you know, like those moments that take you back
to days when you spread marmite on bread hee hee... ...
FYI. No pork or lard used in the food here too.
On wish list for home... ...

Though not really a place for coffee (Italian beans used here for java), the warm service, interesting furnishings and theme, on top of great grub, make it a perfect pitstop on a sunny day.

Flee Away Cafe
70 Dunlop Street
Singapore 209398
Opening Hours
Tue - Thu: 1100 - 2100
Fri - Sat: 1100 - 2300
Sun: 1000 - 1700
Closed on Mon

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