Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I'm going to Sunday Market

Sunday Market deserves two thumbs up for its comfortingly delicious Asian-inspired fare. And the valiant effort to differentiate itself from the mass of insipid cafes currently mushrooming up around the island. Coffee blend is sourced from a low key local roaster (not among the high profile indie names) and it packs all the sunshine that you need for a weekend brunch affair. Ooooooo.... not forgetting the extremely sexy and soulful playlist (did they hire a music curator???) that could have been put together by the lion himself. Impeccable taste indeed... ... 

Meanwhile, along Lim Tua Tow road, papaya trees are blossoming... ...
as a gardener retires the wheelbarrow for the day... ... 
Hashtags have certainly taken on new meaning in our day
and age... ... sometimes even the lions get tired of too much
social media invasion... ...
Eeeer wth is a Bangkok Toast? Ooooo candied bacon...
Choosing a spot by the window for some vitamin D.
Narnia... ...
At least this bicycle looks comfortable here as an ahem
accessory... ... the two wheelers are the IT trophy rides now.
Meow Poooooooower!!! Limited edition
Agnes B. posters dot the cafe walls. Remind the cats
of the Agnes B. cafe in H.K.
Vintage lamp over a sexy machine.
Homemade ice-cream with Asian inspired flavours like Kyoho Grape, Honey
& Fig, Thai Milk Tea... ... and a weird one - Philadelphia Cheese hmmmm....
like what mummy used to spread on your bread.
The layout and vibe reminded them of a cross between Penang's China House
and the Lion City's P.S. Cafe.
A superbly executed Flat White.
The Long Black was light bodied and flinty.
Sirloin Rendang with Crispy Buttered Brioche. ($15.90)
Roasted Duck Pancakes with bits of crispy egg and a
drizzle of garlic hoisin ($12.90).
Tea Drop Teas.

 After brunch stroll around the neighbourhood... ...

Teak furniture at socially conscious The Helping Hand.
History buff lion loves old monuments.
Weeeeeeee old school merry-go-round.

Visiting the 100 Bands Festival featuring 100 homegrown bands over three weekends in June at a bus interchange... ... Music and art in the heartlands... ... the art exhibition portion is supported by the People's Association. Quite an interesting concept where artists and residents work hand in hand to create installations. Hmmm a pity though... ...dismal turn-out and the music festival was marred by a lack of seats and terrible weather. Maybe the organisers might want to do it in a park in future (picnic!) with food stalls to attract the crowds... ...  

Sunday Market (opens daily till late!)
22 Lim Tua Tow Road
Singapore 547772
Opening Hours:
Mon -Thurs: 3pm to 11pm
Friday: 1pm to 11pm
Sat - Sun: 11am to 11pm

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