Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Under a Romantic Lesehan at Blue Bali

The lion had a simple birthday dinner with his beloved at Blue Bali, a quiet and secluded getaway. It was a lovely dining experience spent reclining on a daybed under a romantic Balinese lesehan, just good for two, amidst a lush garden landscape, natural greenery and charming water features. They tucked into some straightforward, unfussy dishes; but the highlight of the evening was surprisingly the home-brewed beer from the in-house nano-brewery. And despite the patchy service (not uncommon here), they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Nope, they were not invited for a meal at an unnamed governor's home... ...
some day maybe... ...
Nestled on the grounds of the Bukit Timah NUS Campus, just beside the
green lungs of the iconic Botanical Gardens is a little piece of Bali.
The commune with nature begins at the doorsteps... ...
a great spot for a harried city cat to kick back, relax and breathe.
Love the warm colours, inviting wood accents, intricately carved door panels
and other Asian inspired objets d'art on display at the bar.
No need to plan for a wedding overseas; cut the logistical
nightmare with a ceremony done here. It's utterly romantic.
Clowning around... ...
On a serious note, they admired the place's reverence for nature, showcasing
that this respect is greatly ingrained in the Balinese culture, beliefs and way of
life. They read that the owners wanted to create a haven that people could retreat
to regain a sense of well-being and heal from the stresses of city life.

In the courtyard garden sit stone statues, wooden sculptures,
traditional Javanese Joglos, Lesehans and relaxing daybeds.
Batik Menu.
The main house tipples were not available that day.
So the lion went for the Brew of the Day - a pumpernickel beer.
A private event was taking place inside the mansion that day... ...
Fruity pumpernickel beer and punchy Balinese coffee... ...
See no evil, proclaim no evil and yah ignore the chatter
of those workplace gossip mongers... ...
Elegant ripples.
The lions are in fact resting atop a pond... ...
Fried HomemadeTofu.
Main of Blue Bali Dirty Duck confit with Indonesian Spices.
Sate Lilit.
Ikan Pepes. On hindsight, they should have taken the platter
with a medley of tapas and a sampling of some mains instead
of ordering from the ala carte menu; but the two cats had
small stomachs that day and nibbled around.
Dusk falls.
Happy Birthday! Many more fruitful and blessed years ahead... ...
Dessert Platter.
Lemongrass Panna Cotta with the heady aroma of herb.
Really refreshingly comforting.
The Pandan Creme Brulee was accompanied by a winsome
scoop of coconut ice-cream.
Watching tadpoles at play... ..
The pretty entrance way.
Stairway to private function rooms.
Blue Bali Brewhaus. Delightful concoctions are underway including
wheat beers, ales and lagers infused with Balinese fruits and spices. The signature
beer is the Pink Mamba (unavailable that day) - a refreshing and delightful wheat
beer infused with red dragon fruit.

It's a wonder that this beautiful place is still so low key after its move from Gillman Village. The lions miss its former incarnation on larger, undulating premises though but the more compact grounds here still retain that lush, relaxing charm.

Blue Bali
One D Cluny Road
Singapore 259600

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