Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Enuff Coffee to Rouse the Dead

The lions had to meet up with Mr Business Times and Mr Husky for a road trip discussion that would involve what else - Singaporeans' favourite past-time. So, the two cats took some time prior to the get-together for a quick sport of cafe-hopping around the Little India area. They couldn't complete the short list but oh heck, the weather was so balmy, it was great to hide indoors.  

Rouse has got the formula of an indie cafe down pat: peeling walls, hanging naked rope lights, rough-hewn wooden furnishings like crates that double up as tables, raw concrete seating, antique steel cabinets and bread trolly (?), exposed brick floors (so pretty!), designer chairs and yup, a rather over-priced menu with smallish food portions. It also gets pretty crowded here during weekends as this is one of the few cafes on the island that serves Halal hipster food to cater to our Muslim friends. Would recommend a trip down just for the decor and ambience at this cafe occupying the space of a former electrical hardware store. Hmmm... ...sorry but not even for coffee. The lions understand that they are using a blend of Ethiopian and Sumatran beans from local roaster, Dutch Colony (usually a good bet), but the Long Black that day was harsh, sour and acidic (mind you not the pleasant sourish fruity notes from great beans). Even Mr Business Times' milk-based coffee carried traces of it. They wondered why. Best cup on the table that afternoon was surprise surprise - the flavoured milk-based coffee with peppermint. The Quinoa Quake ($16.90) was also a bit of a stark disappointment with a poached egg and smoked salmon slice covering a tiny quinoa patty.

36 Dunlop Street
Singapore 209364

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