Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Budding Hideaway at Sprigs

A company luncheon, planned once again by the famished lion, saw the group heading for a nearby restaurant along Purvis Street. A relative newcomer on the scene with its launch at the start of the year, Sprigs is a promising young upstart with an attentive service crew, a compact menu and a cool modernist look to boot. Ambience is inviting with the soothing monochromatic hues, clean lines and geometric flourishes that would not look out of place in an art museum.

According to online reviews, the menu is supposed to be "herb-heavy" and vege-centric, hence the moniker. But the lion did not honestly see that theme emanating from the dishes ordered at lunch that day. Just two words to describe the whole experience: "good value".     

Lunch Menu
Duck Confit Salad ($6.90). The duck leg portion was generous for this dish
and the honey mustard vinaigrette imparted a refreshing zing to the greens.
Parma Ham and Sweet Melon ($6.90). Very affordable given the ingredients used
here. The melon was a little hard though. Other than that, the saltiness of the parma
ham was a perfect foil to the sweetness of the melon.
Truffle Nori Fries ($6.90).  A sprinkle of parmesan cheese and nori flakes
over the shoestring fries made this simple but easy to please dish delightful.
Pan Seared Rump Steak ($24.90). One of Sprig's specialties.
Retaining that pinked juicy goodness in the middle with a little charred flourish
at the top, the caramelised onions and red wine sauce worked perfectly with the
tender meat here.
Seafood Linguine ($16.90) with White Wine Sauce. This is a must-try as it is one
of the better value mains. Though a simple dish, it slowly worked its way to the heart
as it was packed with hearty umami flavors of the sea and the seafood portioning was
decidedly generous. 
Pork Milanese with Lemon Caper Sauce ($16.90).
Colleague A: Rather average lah. Tastes like fried pork cutlet. Oh bother!
Yup, as you can guess, weight-conscious ladies will go for the
Confit Scandinavian Salmon ($16.90) with Dill Emulsion.
The lion took a bite of this and liked the way the salmon was poached.
Still a bit raw in the middle with all the richness of the omega oils.
Beef Oxtail Stew ($16.90) with "aromatic braising herb jus". What's that huh?
The oxtail was fall off the fork tender but broth was nothing memorable. 
Mango and Passionfruit Panna Cotta ($12). Desserts aren't Sprigs' strongest suit.
You might want to give the sweets a miss unless an unavoidable craving sets in.
Crispy Chocolate and Caramel Crumble ($12).

12 Purvis Street
Singapore 188591
Tel: 6338 5844

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