Monday, May 5, 2014

Fear Factor - Eating Raw Crab

This is a short post by Miss Bombadier to share her Raw Crab eating experience in Singapore - done the Korean way. She was appalled that the lions had not heard about this erm disgusting interesting dish that is very popular in the Land of Psy & Enhanced Beauty.  Hmmm... the lions thought that crabs fed on the flesh of carcasses? And to eat it raw? Shudder... ... however, Miss Bombardier swears that it's the best thing ever to come out of that beautiful country.

Ganjang Gejang is a traditional dish that’s made by marinating raw crabs in soy sauce. In the past, a very salty soy sauce brine was concocted as a way to cure the meat. Nowadays, modern Koreans enjoy gejang sashimi style aka raw for its creamy freshness. Crabs are marinated in a milder soy sauce-based brine and eaten immediately. It's apparently common custom in Korea to freeze live crabs as fresh crabs degrade very quickly. And due to the cooling nature of crabs, these crustaceans are also eaten to chase away "spring fever" in Korean medicinal tradition.
You might like to pick an authentic joint along the
Tanjong Pagar stretch to try this dish.
Miss Bombadier shall not name the restaurant here
as she is unsure if this is the best place to
tuck into gajang gejang. Try asking your Korean mates.
One fresh and raw flower crab at $53 at a local Korean joint in the Lion City.
Miss Bombadier says that back in Korea, you can get two crabs
at a fraction of the price here.
The marinate of soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger? and sliced chilies was light
and tasty. Does not overpower the fresh taste of raw crab. Digging out the
yummilicious roe... ...
It is best to savour the dish with a bowl of white rice.
Close up of the ambrosial gooey mess... ...

Special thanks to our contributor, Miss Bombadier, for this insightful post and for braving this otherwise magnificent delicacy. We strongly suspect that she does not mind at all. Another round, anyone?


  1. where is this korean restaurant? would like to try. :P

    1. Miss Bombadier says hi and that she went to Han Kook Gwan along the Tanjong Pagar stretch. It's supposedly one of the oldest Korean restaurants in the Lion City. Hope this helps:
      Tell us about it later man.