Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Invasion of Spanish Donuts (not Krispy Kreme lah)

Hello peeps, the first dedicated Churro aka Spanish Donut stand has reached our shores but in the air-conditioned comfort of a quiet mall. So anytime when you decide to brave the shopping crowd in downtown Orchard, you know where to go for that dessert or sweet fix.The coffee's great, albeit served in a takeaway paper cup (consider going porcelain pls!), cos beans are from a home-grown, low-key roaster (now eclipsed by other more high profile artisanal brands) that have supplied hotels and a pioneer indie cafe here in the past.

Yup, there are many theories to explain how churros came into existence. One legend attributes its creation to nomadic Spanish shepherds who cooked the fluted dough - that resembled the horns of "Churra" sheep in the Iberian Peninsula - in frying pans over fire in the mountains. Another tale speaks of Portuguese sailors discovering the yummilicious street snack of "you tiao" in China and bringing the culinary idea back with them despite not learning how to "pull the dough". The conquistadors were also credited for introducing the snack to Latin America. Now various reincarnations exist including guava-filled churros in Cuba, dulce de leche-filled versions in Mexico and even a cheese inspired one in Uruguay.

You'll get to try a host of different flavours at the Spanish Donuts here, an import from Down Under brought to you by three local, Aussie-schooled brothers. But local cats might like to grab a plain stick instead and dip it in the coffee :)


The lions had a round of Premium Churros - Creme Brulee, White Chocolate and Hazelnut. The lioness found the premium ones too sweet for her palate but the lion, who is a fan of macaron buffets at Club Med (sigh!), loved those more inventive flavours. His partner still preferred the original hot churros (dusted with cinnamon or sugar) with a side dip. Note: the original churros are piped out fresh on the spot and fried. They too tucked into more substantial items like the Chorizo Dog (beef is used here instead as ingredients are Kosher and Halal certified). They wished it was the real deal though, still not too bad.

Spanish Donuts Singapore
The Original Churro
181 Orchard Road,
#05-51/52 Orchard Central,
Singapore 238896
Open 11am to 10pm daily


  1. their fb says they are not halal certified yet

    1. Hi there, we were told that the ingredients are Halal certified. For the place to get a full certification, other criteria needs to be fulfilled. Hope this clarifies things :)