Friday, May 2, 2014

Take-Out - for Chao Muggers

This tiny take-away joint, with no seats save for a bench chair that looked mammoth in the tight space, is one of those places that strive to be absolutely and purposefully hidden. "How did you find us?" Yup, this was probably one of the first few questions that came out of the mouth of the pretty juggle-it-all lady behind the counter. It was a one-woman operation. She did the order taking, prepared the food and coffee, collected the cash, and exchanged a few pleasantries. What a sweat-inducing responsibility. The gallant effort was almost marred by the rather long waiting time (by take-away standards). Lucky for the lion and partner, they were the first in line. The good-natured dude behind them sat on a high stool watching them devour their food for a good ole ten minutes before he got his ta-paoed food. For they had plonked themselves on the only bench there and had used two stools as makeshift tables at the kind recommendation of the lady. They wanted a quick bite before heading off. 

Can you see it?
Take-Out is actually nestled along the stretch of road just
beside a local university. Pls be more specific? Ok, you know,
that stretch housing the infamous Fong Seng and
Bake & Brew (delicious cold brew!). Yup methinks you got it.
Just walk past this mini-mart first to get to your destination. 
Cool, they serve Graffeo Coffee from San Francisco here.
In 2001, ZAGAT ranked Graffeo #1 in both coffee quality and
service in its marketplace guide, honouring the brand
as "the best coffee around" and "absolutely perfect".
We can be proud too cos Graffeo has its first overseas
roasting facility and South East Asia HQ located here in the
Lion City.

For $50, you can grab a picnic basket with grub for 2.
Handy for those emergency dates in the park.
Teachers will scoff at this book but Singlish's a part of
our heritage. Fine print reads: Not suitable for children lol.
pluuuease... they aren't exactly sheltered from the local
Knick knacks on the table.
The take-away menu.
Haphazard arrangement of items in the tight space.
Check out their monthly specials. They say that their Speculoos spread is
particularly popular and yummy. It seems like it's also Crazy Caramel Month
for them with a range of imported caramel products on display.
Sweet treats available include tarts and macarons that day.
Wooo Giotto Chocolates... ...
This caramel box set with a range of extraordinary flavours teaches you how
to do the taste test with friends.
Any stressed out student can hurl this brick on the wall anytime ... ...
A huge chunk of smoked duck with pasta.
Eating rather glamorously from a stool.
The beef stew's pretty tasty albeit on the saltish side.
Pity the hard mini bread loaves that had the crunchy texture
  of biscuits. Overall, food was honestly urm good for
undemanding students looking to mug through the night.
Not for serious epicureans yah.
Pretty decent and strong cup of coffee but much credit
goes to the beans wethink.
Complimentary chicken rendang puff with the cuppa order.
One takeaway item that the lion highly recommend
is this artisanal jar of MoFo Chili ($8). Choose from
two levels of spiciness: "Dodge the Bullet" and
"Final Destination". Made by two locally based
Indonesian ladies. Sedap!

12 Clementi Road
Singapore 129742

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